You weren’t fibbing about becoming a parent

After a long old night…and day in hospital

My beautiful daughter, Ottilie, was born (a few weeks ago, now)

and WOW. What about that first day and night at home, ay?

I can’t say I wasn’t warned though

A screaming, crying baby

^^^ “we didn’t order this, did we?” 

Hilarious poo faces (which even after 2 days of no sleep made me laugh out loud…and still does now)

I went from changing her like she was as fragile as a butterfly…

To realising – after a watching the midwives – that you can be a little more rough and ready with them (‘she won’t break’)

I even Googled best positions to hold a baby to stop them crying

^^^ And found a great position by the way (cross their arms over the body, support the head, lift forward, support bum…worked a treat…for 3 minutes 😉

I had basically become the Dr. Googler 

And as much I felt this indescribable, unconditional love for her…

I couldn’t help but think how hard this is going to be


Things improved. Every, single day

We’re learning her cues

Getting into more feeding routines

Bedtime routines (she loves a bath)

And now?

Packing nappies and wipes in my bag…(as well as my food ;-))

Having cuddles


Is my new normal (and I love it)

And it’s no different in this weight loss game

When making changes

Or rather…

IMPROVEMENTS to your life

It’s hard



It’s actually PAIN

To do what you’ve been putting off

Be it planning your meals ahead (something I get you doing straight away in my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme) so you save time and money grocery shopping and know exactly what to eat and when to ditch the love handles

Or fitting in some exercise (even rounds of 5 minutes) into your already busy day to help you tone up

BUT here’s the thing:

Avoiding pain is also PAIN

^^^ Read that again

Avoiding the things you have to do to get what you want is pain

And once you get going

Start to see improvements 

Build momentum (as the clay gets a little warmer)

You might – dare I say it – start to enjoy it

^^^ As Female Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, mentioned last week

And just like – all of a sudden-  being responsible for another human providing you with endless dirty nappies​, hilarious poo faces and lots of washing… is life changing

So is losing weight, having the knowledge to keep it off (without giving up your favourite foods), and feeling more confident about yourself when you’re wearing the clothes you want to wear.

Matt ‘poo face’ Fruci​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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