Imagine having to give it back…

Did you see that Usain Bolt is being ‘stripped’ of one of his gold medals because his teammate tested positive for drugs?

He said:

“It’s heartbreaking because over the years you’ve worked hard to accumulate gold medals and work hard to be a champion – but it’s just one of those things.”

The reason I’m telling you this?

Because as hard as it is to accept sometimes…

You have ZERO control about what others say or do to you

But what you do have 100% control of is how you respond 


You can waste energy blaming others 

Saying it’s not fair because it’s not perfect

but it’s not going to change a thing

And it reminds me of members on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme who say things like:

‘I’ve only lose a 1lb this week’


‘I planned all my meals, felt in control and lost another inch from my waist’

And then following it with a big “BUT”!

‘BUT it must have just been water weight’

‘BUT it must have just been a weird one’

you see, you love to take the blame as soon as you fall off the diet bandwagon and binge 

But as soon as you get some wins…you shift the blame and don’t take credit


Because you’re probably comparing yourself to PERFECT

Thinking that the ‘perfect’ person losing weight might have done ‘this’ and ‘that’ to lose MORE weight

You assume that everyone else has it all mapped out to a T and things go 100% smoothly every week

Forgetting that the PERFECT person does NOT exist

You made them up 😉

So stop comparing yourself to Mrs Made Up Perfect

Take all the blame for when you LOSE weight and feel your clothes getting more baggy

And focus your energy on what YOU can control

Do this consistently 

and you’ll win this toning up battle for good.

Just like I guarantee you in Female Fat Loss Mastery 

Matt ‘no more Buts’ Fruci​​

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