Should I lose weight or gain weight when I get stressed?

Or have some bad news?’

that is…

Lose weight…

^^^ A question from a Fat Loss Mastery Member last week

Well, it depends on how you handle stress.

And – perhaps – the type of stress

I mean, when I was juggling my postgraduate research, stag do, wedding, British Physique Finals, and my body transformation coaching in 2014


^^^ You see, I didn’t prioritise ME

So much so that I just made do on whatever was in the cupboards (which was often…not a lot) 

And would sometimes forget to eat

I would sleep 4 hours

Get a bus to Oxford at 5am

Be in a lab all day research different diets (where you were NOT allowed to eat yourself)

Then coach clients (telling them how to eat, exercise and look after themselves…Hypocrite, I know)

Now – unsurprisingly – I lost weight

And was incredibly run down on my honeymoon (good one, Matt)

Now, today…

I’m a bit more on top of things

I have a KEY 3 that I HAVE to do that day

Even I do them, all is well

So I tend to be more in CONTROL


I’m still prone to a bit of stress

^^^ As we all are

You know, when things don’t go to plan?

You lack sleep

You’re tired

You can’t remember the last time you did something FUN for YOU

And you get home and think…

Sod it…

give me that pack of biscuits

And throw me the M&M’s 

^^^ The peanut butter ones

Because you’re stressed and tired

and when this happens

You’ll gain weight

Because your ability to make rationale decisions is DAMPENED

And you eat your emotions

Stress hormones are higher

^^^ Which make it harder to burn fat

You become short with loved ones

^^^ I’l never forget when I got grumpy with the wife for using 3 different glasses for her water…it’s when things like that irritate me I know to take myself to bed 🙂

So, can stress make you lose weight?


Can stress make you gain weight?


So, is it how you CHOOSE to set up your environment that counts?


But what’s the two things that you have to protect to help you handle stress better, get more energy, and spend more QUALITY time with loved ones?

your personal ENERGY and your CONFIDENCE!

Which is exactly what we focus on in Fat Loss Mastery ​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​Matt ‘as stressed as the rest’ Fruci

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