6 food-related battles every…day

did you see this in the Daily Mail last week?

Parents are now having – on average – 6 food-related battles with their child every day

And all this caused a split between mums out there

Should we give in to pester power?

Are those that say they don’t fibbing?

I shared this last week and here’s a few responses I got:

“I am happy to say that for a 4yo my daughter is quite knowledgeable about food. She knows the house rules and she respects them. But I will always respect that outside the house she is just a normal child. 

​​​When she started nursery, I was frightened by the menus. I learned to step back and keep strict at home.

From my point of view (after reading a lot), tantrums are psychological and I think that trying to trick our brain is only working for a short time. So in the end, as I said, it’s a tantrum anyway”

Here’ another:

“I remember as a kid that my mum used to cook every meal from scratch, including pudding. It was always so lush none of us ever really felt the need to snack. 

​​We weren’t allowed fizzy drinks until mid teen years and crisps we were only allowed one pack on a Friday night!! I try and follow her lead. We always eat meals at the table. 

​​We always have a pudding (though not made from scratch). Yes occasionally I can afford a take out as a treat (that’s the only time fizzy drink is allowed) and yes my kids eat chocolate and sweets. I think there is a very thin line really and even though your child my get sulky if you say ‘no’ I think you as a parent need to assess the situation and stand by whatever choice you make (though can be tough at times!!).​​​​​​”

​​​What’s your thoughts on this?

For now….

I’ll stay vanilla as my daughter is only 6 weeks old (see how I got out of this one :-))

Although I do think a lot of what and why we eat is psychological ​​​

^^^ my peanut butter addiction :-)))

I’ll put my PURE nutrition head on for you today 

And get you thinking with some recent debates and studies:

1) The % of 8-year old boys in Sweden that are overweight or obese are the lowest they have been since the 1990s

^^^ I’m might become a secret spy and see exactly what they’re doing

​​​​2) Research shows that prebiotics reduced appetite and the amount of food eaten in children aged 11-12 years 

3) ‘Blueberries are great for children’

^^^ Yes, any fruit or vegetable ​​​is good for a child…getting them to eat them seems to be the hardest part!

4) Giving junk food to children when they fall, hurt themselves or are sad could trigger behaviours that lead to emotional eating

5) Could tantrums be due to a lack of exercise?

6) Children were more likely to choose the ‘healthier’ food option when asked what their favourite superhero would eat before choose…

Food for thought?

I’d love to hear from you


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