50% now eaten in Britain

No, I’m not still talking about pancakes


The Chocolate volcano brownie in Costa.

I’m talking about ready meals

50% of the ready meals in Europe are sold in the UK!

Now, I’m not knocking ready meals

In fact, I bought some for the wife from COOK in Marlborough the other week (and one from Aldi…guilty)

But are we any ‘busier’ than our friends (or should I say EX – friends) in Europe?

And it reminds of what happened last week

I’m in a meeting (I won’t name names…)

And I’m staring at the agenda

Just like I still (sometimes) do with my never ending to do list (guilty, again)

Full of loads of STUFF

Priorit(IES) you now call it

^^^ This was once singular…and appropriately named, PRIORITY

Which brings me to my point:

Unless you prioritise your life, someone else will

^^^ Read that again

You see, we seem to have been ‘tricked’ into thinking that we have to do EVERYTHING

Which means?

Well, you get 1mm better in thousands of different things

Rather than being a master of just ONE or TWO

It happened to me recently with being a new dad for the first time

There’s even tons of website on ‘how to be a dad’

All with conflicting opinions 

Just like we found with the whole breastfeeding, nipple creams, cabbage on boobs, rocking, holding, changing, sleeping, more cabbage on boobs….

Ultimately, we – like any new parents – found ourselves getting so confused 

That it became stressful

^^^ Yes, the most beautiful, amazing time of our lives became a bit stressful and confusing 

And it’s crazy

When I think that I wasted so much time stressing about this stuff

Time that could have been spent singing ‘hakuna matata’ to my daughter (as I like to do. she can’t speak yet so I just pretend she enjoys it)

My point is that when you try and do everything…

You end up standing still

Doing nothing

Your productivity goes down

Stress through the roof

Chocolate volcano brownie bill at Costa goes 10-fold

And you don’t even have time to wipe the chocolate off your mouth when doing the school run

So, you nip to the shops for some OVERPRICED convenience food

And wonder why the weight has crept back on and the dress you bought is getting that little bit tighter…

All because you didn’t put YOU first

And let others prioritise your day

^^^ Like Facebook scrolling and reading emails from nutritionists who pretend they know what they’re talking about

And I know what you’re thinking:

‘Well, I don’t have time’

^^^ I did this, too

But I then thought to myself:

‘My parents and grandparents always managed to put food on the table…and my grandparents didn’t even have a microwave…still don’t’

If not now, when?
When are you willing to put YOU first?

Get more energy, be more productive with your day, and stop relying on sugar highs and caffeine to play ‘superMUM’ to your ‘babies’ (even if they’re at school, university, or married with kids)

If it’s now…

Apply here: 


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