Is weight loss what you really want?

So I was sat there this morning drinking my morning cuppa Joe.

It’s not just any coffee, though.

The beans are from Italy (brought back from Italy by my Grandad last week who was visiting some family).

I grinded the beans to “dust” (just enough for 1 coffee to keep them fresh).

Placed some hot water in my cafetiere (to warm it up) and gave it a swirl.

Added the ground coffee, boiling water, and let it sit for 3 minutes before serving!

My point?

I didn’t JUST have a coffee to “wake me up”.

I mean, I could have just got a teaspoon of that bitter Nescafe stuff (which I even need to add sugar to) and gotten on with my day.

But instead, I got the aroma from that moment when the hot water hits the ground coffee.

The warm and cozy smell.

The full-bodied and satisfying rich texture and heaviness of the coffee on the toungue.

The caffeine kick (of course).

And the heavy cream around my lips (maybe I should have kept that bit quiet…it is Friday after all).

But what I’m leading up to is this:

This isn’t just a 5 minute pick me up.

Just like my client on my body transformation programme explained to me last week when completing her 90-day Action Plan…

She originally set goals solely focussed on weight loss.

And, of course, this is what we want.

But is this ENOUGH?

Is this a strong enough goal to help us be in control of the tub of Pringles when things get tough?

When you’ve had a long day, your windscreen wiper breaks, and it starts raining (this happened to me this week).

So my response was:

“Why is this important to you?”

How will you feel if you lose weight?

Losing weight isn’t JUST what you want, is it?

And it turned out that what she did want was:

* To be able to fit back into her favourite clothes

* Impress her friends and family and prove them wrong

* Go from the “one with the weight loss problems” to the “fit one”

* Have the energy to play with their kids and be a part of their life for as long as possible

For another client it’s to get fitter and do things she’s never done before…

Starting this weekend by running a 5k…

And on to a Triathlon later in the year!

So what’s your “Why”?

Identify it, enjoy the process, and have a little look in the mirror along the way…

Speak soon,


PS. It’s your last chance to apply for the 7-day free trial that starts this weekend:

PPS. I'm going to try and avoid the intense cognitive dissonance of being served an instant Nescafe today whilst talking about exercise and diabetes in the hospital today followed by an evening of motivated clients

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