And THIS is the 3rd leading cause of death!

It's not diabetes...

It's not heart disease....

And no, it's not low-carb diets either...

The 3rd leading cause of death was reported to be MEDICAL ERROR (as reported in the British Medical Journal).

AKA medical care gone wrong is the 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer <<< scary stuff, I know.

But what I also found interesting were the words of Professor Martin Makary:

He mentioned that we're not talking openly and honestly about any problems we have because of fear of sharing our problems.

Interestingly (especially with events today), he mentioned...​

When a plane crashes, there's an investigation and the entire pilot community learns something from the crash.

YET, in healthcare...

He claimed that the same mistakes are made over and over again and many are not investigated and learned from...

And it's exactly the same when dieting to lose weight, get toned, and feel more confident in our favourite clothes.

We lose weight.

Only to pile the weight back on again (and in 1/3 of the cases, pile even more weight back on than we lost in the first place).

And the worse thing of all?

We then go back to what "worked" last time.

After all, the slimming clubs just taught us to eat "healthy foods", exercise more, and repeat

^^^ so we just do this...again...and again...

Expecting a different result (which is the definition of 'insanity' by the way).

Just like one of my clients explained to me this week:

"I couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight even though I stuck to my syns, red days and green days"

And this is exactly why I provide bespoke nutrition and training plans in my body transformation programmes...

Because you'll then learn exactly what works for you and know how to ditch stubborn body fat for good (without the fear of piling it back on again...)

Speak tomorrow,


PS. I made some gluten free, quinoa cookies yesterday. I'll be sharing the recipe in the members area soon!

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