Should I run or cycle to get a flat stomach?

So it was just over a year ago that I was on my honeymoon (don't tell the wife I'm being so vague with the date...)

And this is also the last time I got on an actual bike (apart from stationary bikes and one of those smoothie making bikes when promoting exercise...not sure if that counts?).

The sun was shining.

I'd just finished my eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and mushrooms (topped with banana ketchup...we were in the Caribbean).

And we decided to do a bike tour on a scorching, hilly little island...

"Don't do the 'easy' route?" <<< Me trying to show off to the wife.

Now, imagine the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger....

"This one is 'moderate' difficulty, just a few climbs" the tour guide replied.

And sure enough..."just a few climbs later", I was finished.

No water in sight (apart from a dodgy street tap which the instructor said was 'fine'...I passed on that one).

And to top it off, I was overtaken by a little girl going up a hill...

^^^ which my wife never fails to remind me about...

But my point here is just how 'sporadic" cycling can be as a form of exercise.

Of course, running can be like this too with a hilly terrain.

But cycling uses your quads, hamstrings and glutes to generate power (predominantly just your legs).

Whereas running is more of a whole body exercise.

So if you want to "tone" up...

Perhaps opt for cycling as it's more specific!

The movement is a bit like squatting or leg pressing so you're getting some strength training AND stamina training in at the same time.

Build up your legs muscles and you may increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

But don't forget your upper body...


Running does burn more calories than cycling.

Around double in some cases.


You aren't going to get the same strength and muscle tone that cycling can provide

^^^ Which can increase your metabolism in the long term.

So, I guess there's no simple answer.

But what's more important is that you do what you enjoy.

I don't really enjoy running.

I prefer short and sharp exercise that doesn't take too long.

Maybe I'm impatient?

Or have a short attention spam? (another excuse you can use with the other half...).

So if you're wondering whether to run or cycle this weekend, it's really not worth stressing about.

Just remember that the "DOING" is getting you closer to your goals!

Because none of this STUFF matters unless you do it!

Speak tomorrow,


PS. ever heard of secret eating? Well forget that, as apparently the new reason why we can't lose weight is because of our LACK of "secret exercising". More on that soon.

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