We failed you…

​You do NOT. I repeat. Do NOT need any more of the same old information about this diet, weight loss and toning up stuff that you've heard over and over again telling you to cut back on sugar, fat, cakes...I could go on. But it's boring now.

How do I know?

Well, there's more information out there than ever before, yet we're more confused than ever before 

^^^ and I say that referring to me, too. I mean, even SCIENTIFIC research can be EXTREMELY biased and flawed.

And hearing ladies come to me and say:

'I need to get a fitter before going to [insert workout / exercise here]" really frustrates me. Because it reminds me of how ELITIST so many commercial gyms have become. 

Not to mention that their whole business is built on members NOT showing up (I used to work in a commercial gym and the number of members who didn't use their membership was CRAZY...)

But it's not your fault. I mean, just the other day, I was feeling guilty for not 'going to do the gym and doing a workout' EVEN THOUGH I had been in my kayak the same day. 


Well, there seems to be this "belief" that to get fit, lose weight, and tone up...you have to be in a gym for an hour or it's pointless. 

And that's why I'm going to ask you this question:

"What's wrong with 3, 5, 10 or 15 minute workout?"

And what's wrong with walking, doing body weight strength and tone up moves to improve your posture, create energy for your day and make every day tasks like climbing stairs and shopping easier?

My opinion?

I think the commercial gyms want to make this stuff super complicated with the latest new, shiny piece of equipment. But all this does is give us a reason NOT to do it. As maybe you don't have time to get to the gym that day and use the new, shiny piece of equipment. 

And it's why I'm going to show you how to RAPIDLY lose FAT (not just weight) and keep it off for good in my FREE online training event on Thursday 26th October at 8pm:

'How Busy Wiltshire Ladies Are Fitting Back Into Their Favourite, More Fashionable Slimmer Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

See for yourself

And apply now:



PS. If you're going to be expecting me to talk about whether an egg is good or bad or whether you should eat bananas for breakfast, then this isn't for you. This isn't going to be like any other diet / fitness information is presented to you. Because - as I said - we've failed you and something has to change. 

Get your FREE ticket here:


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