The RAW Chocolate Pudding Diet?

If it's RAW chocolate pudding you're after, then you might be in luck...not because it's the latest RAW health craze that they're promising you...

But because in the 20 minutes of Bake Off I've managed to see this year, I witnessed James being booted out for making a "raw" chocolate pudding. 

Best part? Some diet activists would say 'well that's better for you if it's raw' (more on that another day....).

Anyway, it reminded of a question I got the other day:

"Should I be watching Bake Off or is it putting temptation in my way as a reminder of food?"

And it's crazy, right? To think that just by watching gloriously prepared rich, creamy desserts (albeit with the exception of a few raw puddings and some with a 'soggy bottom' <<< reminds me of my childhood and the dreaded 'soggy sandwich with the tomatoes...)...

You could be tempted to eat more and slowly watch the pounds pile on over the years without really knowing why....

Well, in a survey of 500 women they compared women who cooked most of their meals from scratch AND watched cooking shows with women who cooked most of their meals from scratch but did NOT watching cooking shows. 

What happened?

Well, those who liked cooking shows were nearly a stone heavier - on average - than those who didn't watch them. 

So, could it be that preparing all of your food in a advance to get fit and toned is actually myth?

Maybe? Because in actual fact,  many recipes from celebrity chefs contain more fat and sugar than....most ready meals in your supermarket (which is crazy)...

It's exactly why I have my own recipe books designed to help you separate the FACTS from the GOSSIP...

And speaking of GOSSIP. You and I both know that there's sooo much of that going around in this diet and fitness world right now. Facebook, Instagram, Slimming Clubs, dodgy sales reps selling you detox shakes...who do you believe? I mean, it's 2017 and we're more confused than ever.

Which is exactly why I'm going to be revealing LIVE in my FREE online event on Thursday 26th October at 8pm:

'How Busy Wiltshire Ladies Are Fitting Back Into Their Favourite, More Fashionable Slimmer Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

That's right...I'm going to give you just 3 SIMPLE exercises to do (that you can even on your worst, busiest day)

To apply, go here:

Availability for this LIVE online event is extremely limited and registrations will be dealt with on a strictly first come, first served basis...

Matt 'soggy bottom' Fruci
Fruci Fit
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