I wasn’t going to share this one with you

Because it was kind of embarrassing…

I mean, even after 20 minutes..

The father-in-law walked out to start washing up in the kitchen (which says a lot, right?)

And the mother-in-law got her headphones out and plugged in Made In Chelsea…

I mean, I can’t blame them.

Our TV screen was full of singing sweetcorn

Swearing sausages

And flirting bread buns

^^^ My mistake

It was movie night over Christmas.

And after watching Toy Story 16 times on Christmas Day (I joke…)

I fancied a light-hearted film for the family to watch

Having recently heard about ONE film that was set in a supermarket where the food came to life…

^^^ You know, as a nutritionist this obviously sounded interesting to me!

It was called:

Sausage Party

A film where groceries come to life, yes…

But also…

Swear every other word

And drug humans

Can you imagine my face after I suggested we watched this?

But there’s an important message in all of this:

Things aren’t always what they seem

Trailers and reviews give you a taster, for sure…

But it STILL may not be a good fit for you (and your family)

And this is exactly why I offer a free 7-day trial with all body transformation programmes

Because they’re not for everyone

You have to be ready to DO the work

^^^ I can’t eat or exercise for you

But if you do the work?

I can guarantee that you’ll lose weight, develop a more positive relationship with food, and stop piling the weight back on

You can apply for your free 7-day trial on Female Fat Loss Mastery by going here: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/

Matt ‘not for everyone’ Fruci

PS. Applications close on Sunday 15th January at 730pm

PPS. I’m taking on 7 more ladies: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/​​​​​​

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