‘Sod it. I’m having the Christmas pudding…

Just a bit every day…

Until it’s gone’

Is exactly what Lean For Life Body Transformation member, Liz, said to me this week


I didn’t really have much to say (for once)

You see, Liz lost a stone before Christmas (and now has her sights set on losing another stone ready for going bodyboarding with the children!)

And despite enjoying her Christmas (albeit mindfully…with cake!)

She’s maintained her weight loss (as in..hasn’t piled it all back on)

^^^ Not to mention the fact she’s now stronger, in control of her ‘hunger’, and has more energy so she can do more with her day (rather than crash at 330pm!)

And weight loss maintenance is progress.

How do I know?

Well, most of us can’t do it.

In fact, 1/3 of dieters put on more weight than we lose in the first place

Does this mean ‘diets’ don’t work?

Not necessarily

It means ‘bad’ diets don’t work…

^^^ Diets that aren’t fit for your lifestyle and make you rely on a TON of willpower (which you know is draining, right?)

And the best diet in the world?

Is the one you’ll do…


which is exactly why I SOMETIMES use ‘REFEED breaks’ with my body transformation members

^^^ Where you get to eat even MORE (in a structured way, of course)

And not only could this boost your metabolism and help you lose more fat

^^^ in a 2014 study…Overweight females who had “refeed breaks” (e.g. 3 days where they could eat more) for 3 days every 11 days (over a 42 day period), burned more calories at rest 


had nearly double the weight-loss and OVER double the body fat loss compared to those who simply just did a diet for 42 days…WITHOUT REFEEDING (eating more)

Crazy, right? 

And doing this can also do wonders for your social life

^^^ I mean, eating more over Christmas means a bit more Christmas cake with friends and family (as Liz found out)

Not to mention how good it feels to be eating cake and being on a so-called ‘diet’ (It’s not really a ‘diet’, is it?)

Rather than feeling deprived or anxious about toasting your friends birthday with a glass of prosecco.

And what I’m leading up to is this:

When used appropriately and fit to YOUR lifestyle and schedule

All these ‘tools in your fat loss toolbox’ 

WILL help you lose weight and keep it off (even with a slice of cake)

Because it keeps you sane

Which means it’s sustainable for YOU

^^^ Rather than switching from 5:2, 8-week blood sugar, Montingnac, weight watchers, Slimming world, calorie counting, Slim Fast Shakes, juicing, you name it…every few weeks

So you DO THE WORK required

To shift a few pounds, ditch the baggy clothes, and develop a more positive relationship with food where YOU are in control and can enjoy your cake (just like Liz)

^^^  rather than frantically throwing down the leftover cakes and selection boxes  before finally starting…and depriving yourself once again…

And these are just some of the things you can discover in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Matt ‘​​​the feeder’ Fruci

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