Want results like Julie?

It’s updates like this from Female Fat Loss Mastery VIP member, Julie, that make me love what I do even more:

“When I first started with Matt, I felt disheartened with my body shape and never achieving my goal. 

​​​I was fed up with going around in circles with diet, exercise and always landing back at square one. 

​​​I was afraid of committing to something new in case I didn’t succeed however those thoughts were quickly diminished once I met Matt. 

​​​Matt offers the whole package, a host of nutritious meals, exercise and he helps you learn how to make better food choices. “

​​​And my favourite part…(as this is what makes all of this sustainable…

​​​“The biggest gain for me is knowing that I do not have to deprive myself of the things I love and with that in mind I know I will succeed. 

​​​My attitude towards food has changed I no longer crave what I can’t have but I am learning to moderate what I eat whilst knowing that my body is getting what it needs.

​​​ I am just a few weeks into my programme but I have already lost almost half a stone and 2.5 inches off my waist. 

​​​My body is feeling more toned and I feel positive about what the future will bring. 

​​​If you are considering joining Matt, don’t delay, do it now and you won’t look back.​​”

^^^ And all for less than a Costa coffee a day 🙂

I don’t know what else to say, really. 

^^^ And that’s pretty rare (just ask Mrs Fruci…)

But if you’re sitting on the fence about joining my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme 

And would like to join free Lean Up Challenge starting Monday 27th February to see if you’re a good fit…

Go here:


Matt ​’on the fence’ Fruci

PS. Applications close Sunday 26th February​​​ at 730pm (as this is what time we usually get baby Ottilie to sleep…and I tend to follow suit on a Sunday :-))

Here’s the link to apply:


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