Surely this isn’t healthy?

Eating cooked breakfasts
Still having takeaways 
Recipes with marshmallows in them?
Not for me’

^^^ A message I got earlier this week

And I responded with a question…

‘What’s the alternative?’

Ban the foods you enjoy?

^^^ We all know how that one ends…and as for cooked breakfasts…that was a staple in Charlotte’s transformation

Never go out for that glass (or 2) of prosecco with your friends and family?

^^^ RIP social life…and friends

Pretend that you can be ‘perfect’ 100% of the time?

^^^ And end up blaming yourself ‘failing’

You see, your weight loss (and whether you can keep it off)

Is NOT really based on saying “NO” to birthday event because you’re scared that 1 piece of cake will make you fat

But rather…it’s actually doing the small things day in, day out

Not polishing the leftovers of every meal because ‘it’s there’

Not finishing the tub of Ben  & Jerry’s because you can’t fit the steak in the freezer

Not buying an extra Creme egg because they’re 3 for 2 

It’s doing the BORING stuff

Like spending 10 minutes on a weekend to plan your meals and shopping list (this will save you time and money across the week I promise you)

So you can stop stressing about what and when to eat to lose weight, get some ‘me’ time back, and -dare I say it- actually enjoy your food whilst shrinking your waistline 

^^^ Just as Female Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, mentioned last week

But, obviously, the boring stuff isn’t for everyone

Maybe a ‘clean’ foods ONLY diet found in the Daily Mail would suit them better?

And if they can stick to it, then that’s great

Because – ultimately – that’s the NUMBER ONE thing I guarantee with all members

That your nutritional strategy fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it and get the results you want once and for all 

Matt ‘not for everyone’ Fruci

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