The best fat burning pill?

If you could bottle this stuff

Or even put it in a pill

It would beat all of those metabolism boosters and fat burning pills

^^^ You know the ones based on a study that has now been RETRACTED. That’s right. Millions of pounds worth of Green Coffee bean extracts have been sold based on a study that was poorly conducted and – thus – led to extraordinary claims…

that is…


And I don’t even mean meditating or anything like that

I just mean being aware of your thoughts

Knowing that if a scary thought pops into your head

^^^ Or if it’s the food devil telling you to open the freezer door, pick the Ben & Jerry’s out and grab a spoon

That YOU control how you respond

You can choose to ignore it 

To act differently from this terrifying thought

^^ Maybe you’re wasting energy worrying about how because others have failed to do something that means you can’t do something. Is this actually real? Where’s your evidence?

And if you can make this a habit?

You can stop battling with yourself

How does this help your health?

1) It can help you make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about the foods you eat so you can lose weight and keep it off

2) It can help you sleep so you can have more energy and do more of the things you want to do with your day…and life!

3) It can help you take control of ‘overwhelm’ (which is just made up…by you)

4) And help you control your stress better so you can stop looking at food as an emotional pick me up

Which are just some of the things I help you with in Female Fat Loss Mastery 

but promise me this…

Just take 5 minutes out of your day today

No Facebook

No emails

Just BE (whether you’re sitting, standing, walking, staring, day dreaming)

And be a human ‘being’ for 5 minutes

Rather than a human ‘doing’

Matt ‘fat burner’ Fruci

PS. Have you ever tried any fat burners? How did you get on?​​​

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