‘I want more energy to play with my kids’

A ‘WHY’ set by a new member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme in her 90-Day Action Plan

^^^ And something I’ll be worrying about soon enough…

I mean, no one wants to feel tired.

But we all have them days.

Maybe we had a rubbish night’s sleep (perhaps the bambino kept you up?)

We turn to coffee and the quick-fix sugar-filled snacks to get us through the day.

But as you get older…

You’re more likely to feel tired….

Be weaker…

And just a bit more ‘slow’ 

Now, is this because we lose muscle as we age?


Is it because we move and eat less as we age?

Well, a recent 2016 research paper provides even MORE of a reason to make sure you’re getting your protein in…

As a higher protein intake was associated with a lower prevalence of FRAILTY


Having muscle weakness, feeling exhausted and being a bit ‘slow’…

And the most fascinating part of this research?

Even though higher protein intakes were associated with a lower prevalence of frailty…

High overall food intake wasn’t…

Which makes me question the old ‘careful on the protein’ guidelines even more…

And if you need a bit more persuading to get your protein in…

You can learn more here: https://frucifit.com/fall-love-protein/

Matt ‘sleeping beauty until baby arrives’ Fruci

PS. Ever wondered what happened to Rosie and Jim?

I’ll reveal all tomorrow!

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