What happened to Rosie and Jim?

I’ll admit, even I was a little surprised this weekend.

First up, was this email from Rosie:

“Just had my shot of coffee…

I’ve lost two lbs, and have more energy, and don’t seem to crave.

Just off to do the washing, ie…dead lifts….”

And second up, was the the feedback during the follow-up meeting I had with James (Jim) after meeting him for just ONE hour, 4-weeks earlier

^^^ Every now and then a few guys will sneak their way into my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

So, anyway, what happened:

* 3 kg lighter

* Eating more carbs than ever (so the ‘weight loss’ can’t just be ‘water weight’)

And in his words:

‘Never hired anyone before for nutrition and so glad that I chose Matt as my option. 

Don’t feel deprived at all, don’t feel like I’m missing out on enjoying certain foods as he has taught me how I can enjoy them while still reaching my goal. 

So excited for the next meeting I have with him.’

So, why the surprise?

Well, quite often when I just have a few strategy meetings or meet people at seminars…

They’ll take in the information (which is all well and good)

But they’ll do nothing with it.

And as we know…


You can read all of the books. 

Go and see every nutritionlolologyyst…

Every palm reader…

And even the guy dressed in camouflage trousers shouting ’10 more burpees’


Unless you apply any of this stuff…

It isn’t going to work. 

Throw in the knowledge to know exactly what and how to eat so you can STOP giving up your favourite foods and quit blaming ‘willpower’ for binging and failing on yet another diet…

And you too…

Can eat your carbs, lose weight and stop feeling deprived

Matt ‘certified palm reader’ Fruci

PS. James mentioned to me that he now gets weird looks from family when grabbing some sweets at the cinema because he’s previously been ‘anti-sugar’ at all costs. 

I’m not saying go crazy on the sugar…

But it just shows what happens to your relationship with food when you get the basics right and do them very well!

PPS. Want to learn more?

Applications close for a free trial on my Lean For Life Body Transformation programme on Friday 2nd September.


Apply here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

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