‘I can’t be bothered’

This was how I felt this morning….

I woke up with a scheduled exercise session ‘in the diary’ for 630am…

And I was actually wondering what to write about today (for once…)

It’s not that I’m short of questions (I’m working my way through them…so keep them coming!)

But more because my ‘longer’ articles on the following:

* PCOS, Hormones, and Weight Loss

* Fat vs. Sugar

* Curbing Hunger

* How to structure your diet for shift work

Aren’t quite ready for you – because they summarise a ton of the scientific EVIDENCE into understandable ACTION PROVOKING advice.

^^^ Stay tuned because they might just be the missing link that helps you ditch the stubborn stomach fat!

Because that’s what get’s results.

Taking action.

And today.

Is proving that.

Because even though ‘I couldn’t be bothered’

I’ve done it anyway

I’m writing to you…

I did my exercise (after my aromatic, flavourful and necessary coffee!)

And I hope…

That I’ve inspired you to:

‘Do it anyway’

Even when you, too, “can’t be bothered” 

^^^ which just means you’re ‘human’ by the way

Because on your journey towards having more energy, feeling more confident in your favourite clothes, and having a healthy relationship with food so you can enjoy time with friends and family WITHOUT feeling guilty about blowing your RESTRICTIVE, RIGID and BORING diet….

Being ‘half-assed’ is better than ‘no-assed’…

And is often the difference between piling the weight back on because you ‘didn’t have the willpower to stick to it’ (and you didn’t actually understand how the ‘diet’ “worked”)


Being able to lose weight and keep it off (once and for all).

Just like a Fit For Life Body Transformation member (Billy) mentioned yesterday in her Above and Beyond Review:

“This new way of eating has never once made me think “oh I am on a diet I can’t eat this or that”. 

I can eat what I choose and be flexible. 

If I go off track, I can just get back on track without giving up. 

I find myself wondering when to go shopping for clothes & bras because I don’t want to buy things that will be too big in a few weeks. 

I have the problem of not fitting into the clothes in my wardrobe because they are now too BIG. I can only laugh!”

And just check out her progress over the past few months:

* Lost over a stone in weight

* 5 cm from the hips

* 9 cm from the waist

Speak soon,

Matt ‘half-assed’ Fruci

PS.  Anyone can have a great workout on a great day.

Anyone can eat a piece of fruit for breakfast because they’re trying to be healthy on a great, sunny day.

But having an average workout on a ‘bad day’


Knowing exactly how to structure your eating so that you’re in CONTROL of those indulgent blow outs (often courtesy of Ben and partner in crime, Jerry)…

That’s the difference…

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