Wait 3 days before you do this

How many things have you feared, stressed over, been anxious about, wasted hours worrying about…?

Which turn out to be no way as bad as they seem?

I can name a few for me:

* Public speaking

* Job interviews

* Going self employed

* Coping with being a dad and balancing / finding the time to fit everything else in…

But the funny thing is that I’ve always looked at things like meditation and  journalling etc. and thought ‘yes they are great for people who have time”

But something I’ve started doing recently is writing a few lines about how my day has gone.

Now, it doesn’t really do much at the time. I mean, sometimes it allows me to see how ridiculous I am being and just how powerful my brain is at making up random thoughts that can cause some anxiousness and worry…

But on the whole, it feels like I am wasting time…as I could be doing that thing there and then.

But you know what I found out the other day?

Just how good it is for boosting your confidence when you flick back through and almost LAUGH at yourself for worrying about:

[insert random / made up worry which is no way as bad as you thought it would be here]

That was such a small thing in the end that you couldn’t even remember worrying about it (as you are now on to the next thing..)

And actually allows you to start your day on a bit of a high…rather than dictating how you think, how you feel and ultimately how you are with your loved ones, friends and work colleagues.. from focussing on stuff that you CANNOT control…


The future.

And it reminds of how most of these slimming clubs work.

The focus is pretty much on the scales. Yet, you actually have no control what the scales says on a Wednesday at 7pm…

The human body is WAAYY too complicated (I could be on the cabbage soup diet  and be holding a few more lbs due to the fermentation in my gut hahah sorry Mrs Fruci…doesn’t mean I’ve gained fat but the scales could go up)

And despite having NO control?

It can affect your mood, how you think, your patients with loves ones, comfort eating, and what you do for the rest of the week…

But let me ask you this question:

What would be different if you focussed every day on what you CAN control rather than just the scales?

AKA the process:

Food: Did you hit your food targets, be it points, calories etc.

Fitness: Did you move today ? Steps? Do a 5 min workout?

Focus: Did you do some Headspace, read a book, or have a bath etc.?

What do you think would happen to the scales over time?

I can guarantee that if you did this rather than go into ‘F it” mode…

The scales would be back down in 3 days…

Rather than even higher from the ‘F it’ mode….

You see, you are going to have social events, meals out, and holidays.

You will indulge a bit here. Who doesn’t? That is life, right?

But learning how to get back on it and ​​​​​​make these a part of the plan rather than this ‘all or nothing’ thin is probably what’s holding you back from getting the results that you want…


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