Don’t Fall Into This Dieting Trap

Did you hear about the women who complained to Thomas Cook & asking for a free holiday because there were too many Spanish people in the hotel she went to…that was in Spain?

And I quote, here’s what she said: “The entertainment was all catered for the Spanish”…

Maybe she should have went to Cornwall? lol

I mean, going to Spain and expecting their not to be Spanish people? Really?

Sounds crazy, right?

But what I if told you that me and you do the same thing everyday with the way we speak to ourselves?

You see, every time you say:

“I could never do that anymore”

“I’m too unfit”

“I have no willpower”

“I’m a lost cause”

Your brain AUTOMATICALLY looks for EVIDENCE to confirm what you just said…

And then you wonder why you feel so overwhelmed and low on confidence when you think of all these reasons why you can’t do it?

I see it when people try to lose weight. Maybe they’ve seen an article in the news or diet gurus telling them to give up bread..

So you decide to give up bread for good, even though you love it..

And it’s no wonder that all you can think about then is…

bread (or any other food you’ve deprived yourself of..)

It’s literally like going to Spain and expecting there to be no Spanish people, there…

As the Einstein saying goes:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Sometimes, you have to think differently.

Focus on what really matters: Getting a step by step plan so you know what and when to eat to lose weight and get in shape, short & simple workouts you can fit into your routine, and support and accountability to get the results you want

Get that right and every thing else will flow.

Our Fat Loss Coaching Programme is a one-stop system to help you build a ‘diet’ to last based on the principles that you can adapt your lifestyle…

Whether you enjoy breakfast, are vegan, like coconut oil, skip breakfast, or even eat carbs after 6pm…

You currently get access to this for just 50p a day…which is crazy given how much you’ll save with gym memberships, buying food on the go, recipe books and trendy supplements…

So I’ll leave you with this one:

“Tactics are Many but Principles are few”
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