Vitamin P?

I meant to send this earlier

But I was too busy

Taking my daily dose of the one vitamin you really should

be taking (and probably do)


It’s not vitamin D (although with the British summer this year, that would probably be a good thing)

And no, I’m not talking about vitamin B12 (that was a few days ago, check it out here:


Vitamin P


Procrastination <<< something I’m pretty good at.

Just like 20% of the population

But what if procrastination was actually a good thing… 

Because – if you’re procrastinating about something

It probably means you’ve accepted that something needs to change

^^^ be it with your body, mindset, work, relationships, quality time spent with family, friends + loved ones

Which wouldn’t you agree is a good thing?

It’s just right now you’re avoiding taking action

Because you’re scared of the challenge…

^^ which is why we always start with ONE step inside our 28 Day Kickstart (reply with “kickstart” if you’d like the details)

But I’d like you just to think about a time in your life where you overcome a challenge

And achieved something

I’m not Mystic Meg …

But I can guarantee there was fear and anxiousness, right?

And it was NO WAY  as bad as you thought it would be..

Interestng, right?

I’ve procrastinated about all of these things below:

1 Rejecting a 25k a year steady job in favour of spending £8000 on a postgrad nutrition MSc to truly follow my dreams…

2 Saying yes to lecturing at Oxford Brookes University as a guest lecturer in nutrition through fear of public speaking

3 Asking Mrs Fruci if she wanted to marry me (this took me years haha)

4 Go on the death slide at soft play with the kids 🛝 


If I wouldn’t have procrastinated

thanks to the fear and anxiousness that came along with the RISK of turning down a job

I probably wouldn’t have followed my dreams and be doing what I do today where I can happily say I never feel like I am ‘working’…

I’d never have slowed down enough to realise that something needs to change…

So, what if you used Vitamin P AKA procrastination

To prioritise what’s important to you?

To take an opportunity to grow and be the best version of you

To do something that makes you grow happier, have more energy?

Would this not mean procrastinating is a good thing?

Leading you away from the pain of remaining the same?

Because it really isn’t a case of ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’.

It’s simply a case of ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will’..

Matt ‘Certified Distributor of Organic Vitamin P’ Fruci

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