“I look like me”

Got this message last week (see image)

Amazing to see.

And the best part?

This has been done all from home..

So if you’re busy?

Don’t think you’ll have the motivation? 

Not sure you’ll be able to stick to it?

What if you were wrong?

And it was actually that you just needed to lower your expectations of what “doing it” and “sticking to it” actually means?

It might seem like “failure”

As “I used to do more”


“I could do more if I had more time”

But the secret? 

Is being consistent over time.

Not having the “best” workout every now and then and not doing anything less than this as you think it’s “pointless”

And my challenge for you today?

Do the things you think are pointless today..

Like stopping at 2 biscuits instead of 5 …

Like doing 2000 steps even though you can’t get 10000 

Like doing 20 squats when you can’t get a workout in 

Like getting to bed at 11 even if you said you would be in bed by 10…

I could go on.

And it’s this mindset shift 

That gets you doing the things you know you need to do.

Because we get it

Most people know what to do 

But just don’t do it.

Which is exactly what we do inside our 28 Day Kickstart (message me with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details)


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