Being vegan, crashing trucks and saying carbs make you fat…

Accidents happen

I get it.

I mean, just the other day my daughter did a number 2 (once again) in the bath

But it turns out that the “accident” I’m talking about today was NOT an accident

It turns out that a women drove her car into a “chicken” truck…

Because she was “vegan”

Now, I don’t know how true this is (link at the bottom)

But it got me thinking…

How much of what you do every day is based on your emotions?


Are they well-thought, conscious decisions?

And I’ve been there

You see, I was so passionate about spreading the word about how eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat

That my coaching became emotionally- led

Rather than evidenced-based

You see, i was so passionate that it looked like (to some)

That I was saying that “carbs are bad”

^^^ I even got sent messages saying “you were right about carbs being bad, Matt”

Which is crazy

Because in actual fact

I was preaching the UNSEXY and boring …

Flexible approach to your diet 

So that you can stick to it

^^^without relying on “willpower”, cooking different meals for the whole family and fearing meals out with friends and family

And enjoy your clothes shopping again (rather than just choosing the baggy ones)

Whilst still playing “superhero” for your family

Putting food on the table every night (that everyone loves)

Doing the school runs (without needing caffeine to get you through the day)

Taking your kids to Kidz About (and getting stuck in with them)

^^^can you tell I’m excited to take my daughter there?

And even having the confidence to join in with their swimming

^^ as Fat Loss Mastery member, Cassie, did with her kids for 2 hours last week! Massive win!!!

Because – ultimately – there is no ONE “best” diet

^^^ or exercise programme for that matter

The secret of success is in the simple habit of DOING rather than SAYING

which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery

As Cassie showed last week

Losing another 1/2 an inch even whilst being away, sipping on wine and eating some amazing Australian food!

Matt “trucker” Fruci

PS. Here’s the link to the trucker story

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