The ab toning workout

You’ve probably tried a ton of stuff to help tone and strengthen your stomach muscles, right?

Well, you probably haven’t tried the innovative Abdominal Grater from Bingo Wing Busters.

The Abdominal Grater is designed to help tone, strengthen, and increase the firmness of your stomach muscles.

Best of all, it’s portable and easy to use.

It works by contracting the stomach muscles during use

Be it through laughter, tears of joy, or tears of tiredness .

The Grater contains 3 modes:

*The sleepy “oh she’s amazing I want one” mode

*Crying mode

*H-angry mode (the Grater only does this in private to protect it’s cuteness at the start. HOWEVER…this will become more apparent in public, particularly at supermarket checkouts, as the Grater progresses)

The 3 modes cover your central abdominal muscles and abdominal external oblique muscles.

Then mild (well, sometimes not so mild) signals from the Abdominal Grater reach out to the nerves, which causes them to relax and contract

^^^ and sometimes take out your frustrations on the biscuit tin..

This works your muscles simultaneously.

Since the Abdominal Grater can help increase your abdominal muscle tone level using mild (and LOUD) electronic screams, you may notice an apparent and mild sleep deprivation.

You will then feel the tightening of the abdominal muscles.

The muscles will contract in a smooth fashion, stay in that position, then eventually relax again.

Then you’ll look at your Abdominal Grater and the world will stand still.

All you see is a smile!

When first starting out, you should use your Abdominal Grater every day AND NIGHT for 4-8 weeks.

After that amount of time has passed, you can begin using the Grater less during the night.

And even though you have every one else telling you “the best” way and that you should “never do that”

The beauty of the Abdominal Grater is that it subtly communicates to you…showing you “the best” way for you and your lifestyle

So, if you’re looking for ab toning solutions…

Have a baby…Or

Go here:

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