What other ladies applying the fat loss principles have achieved

Just Some Of The Results Other Women In Wiltshire Have Had Using The Methods I Use In Female Fat Loss Mastery:


When I first started with Matt I felt disheartened with my body shape and never achieving my goal. I was fed up with going around in circles with diet, exercise and always landing back at square one.

I was afraid of committing to something new in case I didn't succeed however those thoughts were quickly diminished once I met Matt. Matt offers the whole package, a host of nutritious meals, exercise and he helps you learn how to make better food choices.

The biggest gain for me is knowing that I do not have to deprive myself of the things I love and with that in mind I know I will succeed. My attitude towards food has changed I no longer crave what I can't have but I am learning to moderate what I eat whilst knowing that my body is getting what it needs.

I am just a few weeks into my programme but I have already lost almost half a stone and 2.5 inches off my waist. My body is feeling more toned and I feel positive about what the future will bring. If you are considering joining Matt, don't delay, do it now and you won't look back.


I knew I wanted to gain control over my eating and exercise habits. I had tried diets that had worked initially but I ended up putting the weight back on plus more. I craved sugary carbs. I thought I was quite fit (walking & skiing) but needed advice on how/when to do more targeted exercises.

I had heard good things about Matt from a friend and thought it might be worth a try.

I was worried that it might end up as the same old story & my negative thoughts would win again.

I signed up (I did think long and hard about this because it seemed quite expensive) knowing I could just try a month to start but also focussing on the 90 day plan. I was amazed that as soon as I got to grips with Matt's instructions about my food intake I stopped craving those carbs.

My mind tries to tell me it isn't working because I have eaten 'too much' but the evidence shows it is wrong! Matt encourages small changes that can be sustained as part of daily life for the long term and he gives encouragement and support all the way. Watch this space!

I can’t get used to this new look body I have created (with your fantastic supervision & guidance). It’s a surprise every time I go past a mirror, I think it will take a while for my old mindset to accept it.

It’s exciting but I can wake up some mornings almost ready to accept that I have put all the lard back on. Madness – what this thinking mind puts me through. & the new look husband is an added bonus.

Who needs Christmas presents?


Since joining Fruci Fit, Matt has taught and guided me with my diet and fitness regime.

It is the best decision I have made, my life has changed dramatically, I feel good and I feel stronger and fitter, physically and mentally.

My Type 1 Diabetes is under much better control and my intake of insulin has reduced considerable.

Learning about foods has also changed the way I cook for the family so everyone is benefiting


“I had been completely lost in fitness and had goals that have pushed my body to the absolute brim of human capability.

It actually made me really unhealthy. I’d cut out complete food groups and become best friends with a treadmill

Through discussion and rationalism we together are working through the best way for me to be a healthy version of fit (not ridiculous diets).

​​​He encourages there is no one way, and that being fit is different for everyone. He focuses on individual goals that are manageable for every client. ​​​​​​​​​

It isn’t just about the gym, or just about food and it doesnt forget about everything else in life… its how these factors can work together.​​​

​​Matt is so so so qualified but what is nice is that he isn’t throwing stats and facts in my face about different food groups.

​​​He believes that food is a vital part of socialising and lifes enjoyment, and works around finding a steady place with how being fit and healthy can fit into the everyday – without it becoming totally overwhelming and un-maintainable.

I’ve wasted many many ££ on the fitness industry but being coached my matt is certainly money well spent.​​​”


Signing up to Matt's programme is clearly one my better decisions.

 In three months I dropped 6 Kg but more importantly I am now a size 12 from 16!! Even my bra measurement has changed from 38 to 34 but still kept the cup size. I am loving the physical exercise with weight training and my new found pleasure in learning to box!!

With Matt pushing me to improve my posture, movement and energy levels, my enthusiasm for exercise grows daily.

My food intake and choices now meet my needs no hunger, no cravings and despite feeling I am eating more than ever I am continuing to lose weight and get leaner and I am getting into a wardrobe of clothes I haven't been near for years.

I am never giving Matt up so now I am joining his maintenance programme so there is no chance of ever returning to the bad old days. Happy to recommend to anyone who wants to be healthy and fit. Thanks Matt


So since Jan I've lost 12.8kg. The most amazing part is since working with Matt Fruci, only in the last few months, I have lost the bulk off that. A whopping 10.2kg.

Nutrition is all...I have tried every crazy diet going. I'm eating more than ever, my food intake increased again. I only lift weights. I'm training hard, feeling amazing


My mood has been really good, I am probably even happier than I was before. I feel like i'm working toward something and that I am in control so that is great. I am trying to reassure myself that this diet will be different to the last, and that because I am not on a mundane chicken and rice every meal diet... and have flexibility, and have control over what I choose to eat.


Since doing your course I have been tracking several foods and the effect they have on me. Bread in small amounts and not every day is fine....but too much and again, bloated, lethargic and yuck.

I have increased my protein intake and my hair and nails look better, nails were splitting, I have more energy have lost weight and generally feel I have more fuel in the tank.

I keep milk to a minimum, so on the occasional bowl of porridge and in tea and coffee, that's just one cup each day, and that seems fine.

So no more Rennies, and no more extra pillows at night, no more lump on the chest as I try to get to sleep, so better sleep.

Portion control too, smaller plate.

It seems easier now to choose from a menu, bit like knowing what colours suit you, you go straight to the ones that work for you!

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