Update from Annette 5 weeks in…

And why eating “healthily” doesn’t always work...

Here's what Annette had to say after just 5 weeks in:

“I thought I couldn't lose weight as I've exercised and ate healthily for years, but after just 5 weeks I'm lighter and losing inches! 

Matt has shown me that with a few changes to my diet and workouts I can shift the weight.

Thanks for helping me, Matt”

And I get that this “eating healthy” / weight loss stuff is confusing.

I mean, one day the newspapers are saying that milk is healthy..

The next?

It’s as bad as smoking...

Are the newspapers lying to you?

Nope. But what they are missing here is context.

You see, let’s take Jane. When Jane eats dairy she gets tired, her tummy becomes bloated, and skin gets spotty.

Jane swaps her morning skinny latte for a soya latte. 

She feels better. Has more energy. More motivation. Sleeps better. 

Jane then makes better- informed, more intelligent decisions about her food and starts walking at lunch time.

Jane loses 7 lbs....she’s looking different. 

You then ask Jane how she did it...

To which she tells you: “I stopped drinking milk.”

Which makes you think “I best stop drinking milk if I want to lose weight”...

So you stop drinking milk. Nothing changes. And you get fed up when it doesn’t work for YOU.

My point?

Your diet has to be personalised to YOU

It’s the reason this diet and toning up stuff is so confusing. Because everyone is different. From your work / home life to your the foods you enjoy.

It’s why my 12-Week Shift Project helps you make the smallest, simplest improvement to YOUR diet and exercise habits TODAY.

So you can making this toning up stuff a way of life, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes for good (yep, get ready for your new wardrobe).

But it’s not for everyone. I get that. 

Which is why I’m offering 10 more ladies the chance to trial this for FREE starting on Monday 8th January 

(although I now have 6 places left)

To learn more about this opportunity?

Click the link below:


Fruci Fit
Shift: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back
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