One sentence that solves everything

Is it just me?

Or do you get REALLY uncomfortable talking about what you're eating, drinking or how you're brining up your family / kids at social events?

"Why are you eating that?"

"Are you allowed to eat that on your diet?"

And then you have the competitive parents:

"Well, my kid was speaking French, German, and Mandarin by the time he was 1..."

Seems everyone has an opinion on the BEST way to bring up your kid, the BEST food to eat to lose weight, and the BEST exercise to burn fat fast, right?

Everyone is an expert, right?

But the funny thing?

There's no step-by-step blueprint on how to any of this stuff in a simple, logical manner. 

And what I've realised is that this healthy weight loss dieting stuff and bringing up your kids is kind of similar. 

You see, the first few years, kids are completely reliant on us. They don't really have their own independence.

They need some structure to get them going (just like I show in my 12-Week Shift Project to make this stuff more simple)

But if they're going to grow?

They need to have their own life. How does this happen?

Well, they grow a bit older and begin to have their own thoughts, values and beliefs. 

They might NOT do things EXACTLY the same way as me and you do it. 


Because they have a different experience. And if me or you put my our experiences on them, then we could hold them back from learning about what works for them.

In other words, what works for YOU might not work for Jane who lost 10lbs in 3 days by cutting out bread and visa versa...we are all different. 

And as kids grow into teenagers...they can become a bit rebellious. And the initial thought is to think 'how can I stop this?'

But in reality?

You don't really stop this. You just try to challenge this.

Just like we do in my 12-Week Shift Project.

Question whether this BELIEF you have is serving you or causing you to self-sabotage?

Whether believing that 'I have no willpower because I ate a mince pie"


Whether "You're a rubbish friend because you didn't text back"

is a belief that serves you in a positive way.

If it doesn't? Question it and bin it....

And by the time kids move out of their teens and get a bit've spent 80% of the time you'll spend with them in your whole life...

You let go

And they're able to make their own decisions based on the values you installed in them ...

Just like we do in my 12-Week Shift Project...

So, you can build a diet that stops you blaming your willpower, thinking that you have to give up all of your favourite foods to lose weight and fits your lifestyle so you can get used to your new, smaller clothes for good

And next time someone does question how you can eat a 'chocolate volcano brownie and still lose weight' 

and says that your latte with caramel sauce is toxic and that she would never have one of them...

I want you to say these 6 words. 

they'll help you win every argument. 

And save you a ton of energy and time that you CAN now invest in YOU and your family instead of little debates about the small things...

So, here it is:

'How is that working for you?'

The follow it up with a nice big smile and talk about the snowy, wintery weather instead 🙂

Because we're all different.  

Me, you, and even Jane on Facebook shouting about how you need to buy her detox shakes to lose weight and stop drinking your coffee...

It's a why a simple, step by step, personalised approach to this weight loss and toning up stuff wins every time. 

(Which is what I help you do in my 12-Week Shift Project by the way)

Matt 'Bonjour' Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

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