Which type of milk is the best to drink?

It’s nearly as common as the old:

“Which oil is best to cook with” question I get (and spoke about recently)

But what I’m talking about today is:

Which milk is the ‘best’ to drink

Because I get it

there’s so many to choose from, right?

Now, first off

If you’re ever around for a cuppa

Don’t use the milk that’s in a bag labelled:

“Ottilie’s lunch. Touch it and risk sleepless nights”

Because it belongs to my 6 week old daughter (who starts yoga this week…very zen, I know!)

And she will dribble, head butt or – worse – scream at you at 3 am if you do

Anyway, enough about human milk

Today, I’m talking about red top milk, green milk, blue milk, gold top milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk, hazelnut milk…

I could go on

Now, nuts are “healthy”

So does this mean nut milks are good for you?

It depends

^^^ sorry for the incredibly vanilla answer

Because if you’re talking about weight loss

Choosing something like unsweetened almond milk could be an easy way to reduce your overall energy intake without really noticing

It’s actually really tasty in coffee, smoothies and hot chocolates 😃

Is it as nutritious as cows milk?

Well, just look at the ingredients.

It’s pretty much 2% almonds, water and a multivitamin tablet to give you some calcium that you’re missing from cow’s milk

For 3 times the price!

And then you have the poor farmers selling 4 pints of cows milk for a £1

There’s more…

Dairy… has actually been shown to help with weight loss, muscle tone, and keeping you full.

Which may mean you snack less and lose weight

Now, which colour lid should I choose?

Well – again – it depends

^^^ I’m sorry. If you’re after the “secret”.. I haven’t got it and anyone who says they have is probably after a quick buck

Because if your favourite colour is green, I think you should for green

^^^ That was trying to be funny by the way.

Anyway, if you want weight loss…

Then the red top probably would help because it’s lower in fat which means it’s lower in calories

Now, that said…

Could your blue or gold top milk help keep you fuller for longer?

Stop you snacking?

Make you feel more satisfied?


And this could help with weight loss

Can you see where I’m going with this?

It doesn’t really matter which milk you choose

Because it ultimately comes down to your overall intake

So swapping from blue to green milk COULD help you do this

Now, any time I have milk…

I tend to have gold top

Because I like it (sciencey answer, I know)

^^^ sooooo creamy!!

Which means I “slightly” reduce my fat intake at other times in the day

Because in actual fact…

Even full fat milk is only 4% fat

So – again – its coming back down to:

F requency – how often are you eating fat?

A mount – how much fat are you having?

T ype – getting all your fat from milk probably isn’t a great idea

Now, I want to build on this last point

Because milk also contains high quality protein to help you recover

As well as carbs

^^ which means more calories!

And we know from research that drinking your calories “tends” to be a good way to gain weight

Because there seems to be something satisfying about chewing your food

^^^ psychological?

Now, whey protein does seem to be a bit of an exception to the rule

But I’ll go into that another day

What if I’m lactose intolerant?

You could take a probiotic (it’s been shown to potentially reduce symptoms)

You could try lactose free milk


You could try an alternative milk

Generally, I’d go for an unsweetened milk

Some of the sweetened hazelnut milks are so tasty


Have added sugar

So…in summary:

*be careful what milk you get out of my fridge when coming over for a cuppa

*choosing lower fat milks could be an easy swap to make to lose weight but it depends how much you drink

*drinking your calories probably isn’t a great way to lose weight as there seems to be something satisfying about chewing food

*if you love your gold top…enjoy it and alter your intake elsewhere if needs be 😃 (my personal bias coming in)

*its not about “bad” or “good” foods or drinks…it’s what you do consistently over the day, week and month that counts

Which milk do you drink?

Matt “Monday milk run” Fruci

PS. When are you coming over for a cuppa?

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