9 cups of tea later…

So, it’s 4am

And baby Ottilie wakes up

She’s hungry

^^^ takes after me

Me being the wonderful husband I am…

I get up to offer the wife a cup of tea

^^^ and some poached eggs on toast…

Noticing that…

There were already 8 cups of – NOW – cold tea

All around her

From all the previous times I’d made her teas and she hadn’t quite had the time to drink it

But the 9th cup?

She drank it


Mrs Fruci had her Yorkshire Tea (She’s Northern)

And – wow  – didn’t she savour every sip

Before going back to bed

Moral of the story?


Because everything worth having 

Takes time, discipline and a little bit of work on your behalf

Just as one of my body transformation members mentioned last week:

“I initially started to work with Matt because I felt like I had plateaued with my own gym routine and struggled to get the results I was after. 

​​​With so much information available on ‘fad’ diets and gym programs I started to feel a little lost. 

​​​Having looked around at local trainers it was an easy decision to go with Matt given his personal achievements and qualifications. 

​​​Instantly I was impressed with his knowledge of nutrition, enthusiasm and desire to help people achieve their goals. 

​​​Working with Matt has been brilliant. I now feel a lot more educated about what I should eat and portion sizes. 

​​​More importantly he helped me to find a sustainable diet that allows me to keep in shape and still enjoy everything I did before. 

​​​Obviously it takes a little will power on the individuals part but the meal planner, personalised gym programs and recipes made it a lot easier to reach my goal. 

​​​I work as a Physiotherapist in sport and would have no hesitation in calling him in the future to pick his brains or recommend athletes his way. I honestly couldn’t recommend his services highly enough. Thanks Matt!”

Ready to do the work, ditch the baggy clothes once and for all and stop relying on caffeine to get your through your day?

Well, send an email over to matt@frucifit.com and I’ll send you the details on exactly how you can start your 12-week body transformation on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme. ​​​

Matt ‘Better than PG Tips” Fruci

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