Try this if you’re struggling to get motivated

Apparently, 80% of us would have already given up on our New Years Resolution by today...

And it's why I've been on a mission to help as many ladies as possible stick to their New Years Resolution by giving away over 30 FREE Personal Training Trial Packages. 

But today, I just wanted to share this one trick I do for when I just can't be bothered 

(This is something that I learnt from one of my coaches) 

And it's something I've been doing a lot recently with balancing a bit of broken sleep, baby, work, and the endless washing.

^^^ Good job I don't have any real friends as I don't know how I'd fit in a social life 😉

It's called the 3 minute F it test. 

It basically means that when you're debating whether you're going to put off doing some exercise, be it going for walk, class or going to a gym...

I just want you to commit to 3 minutes.

After this 3 minutes?

You can give yourself permission to stop.

Worst case?

You've done 3 minutes more than yesterday.

And to help you do this?

I've got a little 3 minute challenge for you 🙂

Which I recorded whilst running Daddy Day Care camp and busting some ghosts.

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