How to ‘reset’ your metabolism and keep the weight off

93% of us can't keep the weight we lose off.

And most of us put back on more than we lost in the first place

^^^ Just look at the Biggest Loser...

So why is it so difficult, even in 2018, to lose weight and actually keep it off?

Is it your metabolism?

Is it the your body has gone into starvation mode?

These are the common things I hear from ladies coming to me looking to tone up, get more energy and ditch the baggy clothes for good. 

And they're not actually wrong.

Its true than when you're always dieting, your body's 'thermometer' goes down. 

And because your body likes to remain comfortable?

Things start to slow. Your body fights you to put the weight back on.

It makes you irritable, tired, and H-angry (hungry and angry) my wife would say. 

Which makes this stuff pretty difficult.

But what if you can make it easier?

Well, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I made this up.

I'm simply just going to tell you the THREE principles the I use with ladies to help them tone up for good without counting points or syns...

That is:

1) Giving your body the nutrients it needs so you feel more full up and stop thinking about food all day

2) Using my quick and and simple Shape Up Shift workouts to 'send messages' to your body to tone up (which will actually help you keep your metabolism higher)

But I bet you knew this stuff already, right?

and this is where the THIRD and FINAL principle comes in...

3) Your mind-SET...

You see, just like your metabolism goes up and down to fight you to put the fat back on...

both me and you will do the same thing with your thoughts and beliefs...

It's called self sabotage

You see, we want to do well. 

But when we do too well?

It gets a bit scary..

And for some weird reason,  a little voice in our head just decides to make up some thoughts and beliefs about you don't deserve this new look body you've created. 

And you think F it...

Before you know it?

The weight has piled back on.

It's why a big part my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System is the support and accountability. 

Not only from a Registered Nutritionist (me) but also like minded ladies also looking to ditch the 101 diets they've tried before and feel more confident in their favourite clothes at social events. 

If you want to see what my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System is all about, I'm giving away 2 more Personal Training Trial Packages starting on Monday.

To apply, click the link below:


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