The most truthful weight loss blog you will ever read

I want you to know the absolute truth about losing weight and keeping it off. 

Because the funny thing is that if you know this? 

You'll understand that not feeling great EVERY day, having days where you don't feel motivated, where you think F it, where you think you have zero willpower, where you think you must be rubbish...

Become easier. 

And you no longer beat yourself up about it.

You see, to lose weight you need to get 3 things in check:

1) Calories - basically we all need to eat fewer calories...Not carbs, Not fats...detoxes...just fewer calories (I'm just being honest with you, here)

^^ Which is absolutely HORRENDOUS advice by the way (can you tell I'm a bit excited about what I've got for you today?)

2) Protein - eat some protein and this will keep you full up so you're not thinking about food all day and feeling h-angry....

3) The right mindset - It's not always easy. You will not ALWAYS feel motivated. But just by being aware of this can help you do the things you know you need to do to get back in the dress size you want to wear again. Have a bad day? Who cares. Focus on the NEXT opportunity to put it right, be it a meal or a workout. 

But I know what you're thinking. 

How do I change these things?

Counting calories, protein, carbs and fats is tedious and can be very inaccurate (My Fitness Pal is great but it's user generated so a lot of the foods are actually how do you really know how much you are eating?)

^^^ This drains your willpower and can lead to the cycle of:

Stress >>> Tiredness  >> Less activation of the part of the brain which helps you make better-informed decisions about your food chokes >>> Binge >> 'I'm rubbish' >>> start again Monday

You see, we forget that by coating calories and having 'free foods' that we're just adding more decisions and choices to our already hectic lives. 

this is draining. No wonder you have no willpower and need a pick me up mid afternoon? 

It's why I've worked with a Registered Dietitian (who smarter than me...) to bring you a Healthy Eating System which not only does the calories, protein, fats and carbs for you ( so you can spend less time tracking your food), but also:

* Allows you to eat the foods you and your family love so you don't need to cook separately or eat diet foods

* Only takes about 15 minutes a week to make other 167 hours EASY so you can lose weight without logging in to an app or counting syns every day

* Means you don't need to rely on willpower or worry about what and when to eat so you get some more 'ME' time back and / or attending some tone up workouts with me 😉

* Allows you to know whether certain foods are stopping you from losing weight and where the small, simple improvements can be made to help you fit back into your favourite clothes

* Makes shopping easy and quick, with shopping lists automatically sent to you so you don't waste time and money buying stuff you don't need just because it's on special offer or marked down...

Would you like to try this for FREE and gain access to up to 3 Ladies only personal training sessions a week?

Click HERE to learn more

Matt 'the truth hurts' Fruci
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