13 Simple Ways To Kickstart Your Health & Fitness Without Counting Calories Or Syns

So you want to lose weight and 'tone up', right?

I get it...this 'toning up' game can seem CONFUSING...

You're fed up of giving up your favourite foods, counting syns, calories, points, the grapefruit diet and cutting carbs...

And what's worse is the media telling you that all you have to do is eat 6 times a day, eat chia seeds, and NEVER eat after 6pm because it will be stored as fat

Now, losing weight and keeping it off (once and for all) does take some effort.

You might get frustrated at times, especially when starting out. 

But like anything that WORKS...you have to be consistent!

You don't just do it for 2 days and say "it didn't work"

So anyway, here's 13 ways to kickstart your fat loss and tone up:

1) Eat slowly – put your utensils down between bites to slow down your eating. This can combat mindless eating.
^^^ 'that's so simple'...I know it is...so why don't you do it 
2) Stop eating at 80% full – Did you know there's a difference between feeling full and having enough? 
Ask yourself why you are eating. 
Is it really hunger or is it your environment? 
Boredom? Habit ("it's 12pm I must have lunch")? Because it's there? Tired? Stress?

3)  Avoid eating from a package / packet – ALWAYS pre portion food.  We eat with our eyes. On average, we eat 92% of what we serve.

So, if 
 you've bought a big packet to save money (as the supermarkets have you  believe) you are likely to eat more unless you portion it or buyer smaller pots. You can "waist it" or "waste it"...

4) Keep your counters clear of all foods apart from vegetables / fruits –
You make 200 decisions every day about…food!. What to eat, when to eat, how 
much, with a spoon, in a bowl? What should they eat? Is this healthy? Etc. 
The more decisions you make the less willpower you have and the more difficult it is to have control over the packet of biscuits or cereal...sat out on the side. 

5) Eat lean protein with every meal –
This has been shown to keep you full and give you a more toned look. If you eat protein with each meal, you subconsciously eat less..which means you subconsciously lose weight and 'trick yourself slim'...

It's also important for your skin, hair, nails, digestion, muscle…

Examples include: Greek yoghurt, eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish.

6) Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables / fruit - aim for 3 veggies, 2 fruits!

7) Take a fish oil / omega 3 capsule every morning 

It's linked with:
* A decreased risk of heart disease

* An increased ability to absorb and use protein so you can get that leaner look

* Increased concentration so you can get more done (even without your coffee...OK, OK...maybe its not that good)

* Healthier joints so you hear less ‘creaks’ 

* Improved gut health and a boosted immune system so you spend less time with the sniffles and more time doing what you want to do!

The ‘Fishing’ Line:

* Eat Oily Fish at least 2-3 times per week (salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines)
* Consider supplementing with omega 3, such as this one
8) Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day (this includes herbal teas and sugar free drinks)

Now, this is just a starting point because how much fluid you need all depends on the weather, your exercise levels, and lifestyle.

Here are some rules to go by:
•   You’re urinating clear by noon (ish)
•   You're having 3 clear ‘wees’ a day, you’re probably good to go!

9) Start your day off with a win and create energy -

What if your energy wasn't actually 'given' to you? What if you were actually in charge of creating your energy? Through your mind and habits?

I get irritable when I haven't looked after 'me'. Maybe it's a man thing. I don't know. But when I look after me? I'm so much better to be around. 

Start your day with 3 minutes of exercise. Even if it's squatting whilst brushing your teeth and balancing on one leg whilst the kettle boils (try it by the way...harder than it sounds and important to help keep your joints and balance)

10) Create your sleep ritual

Improving your lifestyle habits, routines and behaviours impacts your sleep (which can help you lose up to 3 times more FAT!!)

You see, every evening, my daughter HAS to have some food, have her bath, and have a little massage before going off to sleep.

Its ‘ROUTINE’ <<< Read that again!

So, finish work / emails at the same time each evening, have a bath, read a book, go for a walk, ring a friend...just relax and wind down 🙂

11) Do something FUN for you.  

Why? Well, how do you feel when you have fun? Happy, right? When you’re happy, you’re not stressed. When you're not stressed, your mind is no longer full of the stuff that’s stressing you out and you’re less likely to fall into this trap:
Stress >> escalated by tiredness >> binge and eat your emotions >> feel like a failure >> start again Monday. 
So, today, I challenge you to do 30 minutes of something FUN for you. It could be anything. Watch your favourite TV programme, go for a walk, ring a friend you haven't spoke to for a while. Literally...anything!

And don't forget to put it in your diary, as if you don't? You won't now where your time has gone and you will always be time poor...

12) Only eat when you are sat down - Eating when standing or on the go can mean you eat more than you think. 

13) Plan your meals in advance - Now, you might say “I don’t have time’ (and thats why my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition system does this for you). But consider this:

On average, we now spend 2.5 hours per week food shopping, which is up to 3x the time it used to take. 

The so-called ‘bargins’ are to blame...you know, the impulse buys that you don’t really need? Well, imagine if you could get some of this time back? Save money on stuff you don’t need? Have more time do fun stuff that makes you happy with your family and friends? And tone up in the process?

my challenge for you is this:

1) Put a date and time in your diary to plan your meals for the week

2) Put a date and time in your diary to do your food shop (be it online or in the shop)

3) Put a date and time in your diary to cook up / prep some food for the week (even if it's just an extra roast chicken or some mince you can do some spag bowl / easy chilli's)

^^^ Something my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System does for you...

Now, 93% of the people who read these above probably won't do any of them or might think that they're so simple they won't work for them.

But maybe that's why 93% of people struggle to lose weight and keep it off?

You don't have to be another statistic. 

Start today, even if you pick ONE and give yourself a well done for DOING it 🙂 <<< that keeps your confidence high and gives your the courage to continue...

If you want a printable copy of this that you can keep handy / hang up on the wall to remind you of these simple, yet effective tone up habits?

Click below and I'll send it over to you...

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