Smells fishy to me

Mrs Fruci always used to joke how I was like having a baby. Until, we had a baby. And it turns out that I'm a lot harder to care for than a baby.

The reason was because she said I used to eat so much. We'd try and leave the house? And I'd be eating. It became a joke  with the in-laws which I just then played on. Almost purposely getting frying pan out and whizzing up some eggs just as we are about to leave 😉

^^^ I blame my Mediterranean genes

Mrs Fruci would say how h-angry I hadn't eaten.  But that was back when I used to think that you had to eat nothing but chicken and salad to lose weight and tone up. 

Maybe if I'd been eating my omega 3, oily fish, I'd be less H-angry...or Angry?

Because that's exactly what the research shows.

But that's not all. The scientists also showed that having 4g a day of omega 3 or oily fish may have also reduce your:

* Cortisol which is a stress hormone that can stop you losing fat

* Body fat (even without changing anything else in my diet...including calories or how much I eat)

* Weight on the scales

Now, these improvement were only small.

But , no matter how small, an improvement is an improvement. And can just be the kickstart your need to:

Get more energy >>> Do more >>> Eat better >> Feel great >>> Eat better >>> Look great >> Feel more motivated and create healthy habits that help you ditch the baggy clothes for good

And it got me thinking.

If you can reduce stress, lose body fat and shift some weight just by doing this?

Imagine if you started doing some quick and simple muscle toning workouts and followed a healthy eating nutrition plan personalised for you and your family?

Where could you be in 3 months time? 

Up for a challenge to drop a dress size?

Matt 'fishy' Fruci
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