Why I’m changing my name and the truth about dairy 🐮

It’s only recently that I’ve realised how much of a nuisance I am 😂 at least in the eyes of others anyway, when I rock up to their house or eat out at a restaurant and say how I don’t eat gluten so I can’t eat anything. 

I never mean to attract some kind of ‘me me me’ situation, but it kind of comes across that way. But, at the end of the day? It’s an allergy and not worth the:

* frequent trips to the loo (literally straight after I ate)

* blood blisters in my mouth (not nice…)

So, I’m going to change my name to Matt ‘gluten free’ Fruci. Or should I just say ‘Hi, I’m gluten free to save time?

Anyway, todays little tip for you is all about dairy.

Because – I’ll be honest – I think I once talked myself into believing that I could not handle ANY dairy….Like, I read so much about all the antibiotics and stuff and what they do to milk and thought ‘wow, that must be bad for me”

^^^ Even with my sciencey background, it seemed very believable. And we all love a conspiracy, right?

Now, to be fair, I’d get a bit of a bloated stomach after drinking A LOT of milk. But the poison for me was is in the dose (like most things)

Now, for some? Dairy, be it because of the lactose or the protein in dairy, can cause digestive issues like bloating etc. And I get that if you’re vegan? You’re not going to have it and that is absolutely fine (it’s why I have a vegan book to help you avoid ‘potential deficiencies from eliminating food groups and you can check it out here: Vegan Shift Nutrition Book)

But for me? All that happened by trying to eliminate more foods than I needed to was: 

1* I became MORE obsessed with food (how could that even be possible lol my middle name is Gluten Free)

2* I started to think about ALL of the glorious foods I could no longer eat (which made me want them more)

3* I became more irritable and anxious about social events and meals out  as I was in ‘all or nothing’ mode’ (which is kind of a personality trait given my background with an eating disorder so I’ve kind of had to channel this in a more positive way)

Which just made sticking to it even harder. It almost gave me an excuse. Like ‘it’s harder for me because I can’t eat [insert here]’.

But despite all the bad press dairy might get from certain parts of the diet / daily mail community…

​​​​​​including DAIRY your diet could help you lose up to 1kg extra every 6 weeks according to the latest research .


Well, they found that your body basically doesn’t allow you to lose body fat as well ​​​​when calcium levels are lower…

What’s more interesting?

Supplementing with calcium didn’t have the same fat loss effects as getting calcium from dairy?

We also know that dairy keeps you full up for long, too!

​​​​​​​​which begs the question:

Is the Mooooooooooovement to eat less dairy and more dairy free products really a good thing for everyone?

Speak soon,

Gluten Free (formerly known as Matt Fruci)

PS. Annette (one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme) has gone from 11.3 stone to 9 stone 10 and has shrunk her waistline by 8 INCHES …and what’s interesting is how Annette would once avoid foods she enjoyed (like dairy) because she was told – like I was – that it was bad for her?

PPS Our 14-Day Fit For Life Body Transformation Kickstart is back just in time for Summer (4th June start date)

more details will be released tomorrow ​​​​​​​​​​​​🔥

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