GDPR and Privacy Policy

You’ve probably heard about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes in to effect from 25th May.

And its about time, too. Apparently, the law on how people use our data hasn’t been updated since 1996..

(which is about as long as it takes me to get out of the house with a baby….)

I think in 1996, I was still playing” I spy with my little eye” then…whereas 6 year olds today have iPads, iPhones and Instagram lol

Anyway, the GDPR will hopefully make it easy for you to stop receiving emails that you DO NOT want or have not asked for and – more importantly – protect how people use or share your personal info.

I send daily weight loss & fitness tips and keep you up to date with relevant content which may benefit your health, fitness and weight loss via email. At some point, people have put their email address in a box somewhere for something like:

* The Vegan Nutrition Book

* 7-Day Free Trial On Our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

* Our 14-Day Fit For Life Kickstart

* A free meal plans and shopping list

^^^ which you can still get hold of now if you like
But you ever feel that the emails are of no interest, despite being informative, hilarious (to me at least) and (sugar free) jam-packed
then you can unsubscribe at the bottom of every email and click ‘unsubscribe’
and I’ll NEVER email you again.

I have completed a review and the required updates and am fully GDPR compliant.

As part of these updates, I have updated our Privacy Policy (it’s a great read lol)

You can review our Privacy Policy and if you have any questions just get in contact with me.  

You can join my in on daily relevant content that my help you lose weight and tone up by scrolling to the bottom and grabbing a free 3-day meal plan and shopping list to help you lose your next kg…
applying for a free 7-day trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme here

And because I really appreciate you being here, I’ve saved my best until last:

What did the grape do when she got stepped on?

She let out a little wine 😉


PS- Our 7-day FREE trial starts today for our ladies only Fit For Life Body Transformation…

This is the last day to get in on this free trial intake

Click the link below for more info:

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