The truth about superfoods and breakfast in 3 minutes

From the moment you wake up (that's if you even managed to get to sleep), it's GO GO GO. But according to Dr Kelloggs and co. you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They tell you it spikes your metabolism. Stops you going into 'fat burning mode'....

So what do they now tell you to do?
Grab a superfood SMOOTHIE (which could contain up to 250 calories <<< Yes, that's more than a large latte)  And smoothies AKA liquid calories seem to be a major problem when trying to lose weight and tone up. 
But what they don't tell you is that  although our body does seem to register the calories well from some drinks, like milk and whey protein...
Our bodies struggle to register how full we are from juices <<< Perhaps due to the lack of fibre 

And they showed this when they compared how much people ate over the day when given either sweets or a superfood smoothie 

What happened?

 * People ate more when they ate the superfood smoothie for breakfast than the sweet*
A combination of the fact that the calories in a smoothie may not fill you up (because your body doesn’t register them so well) and that you may feel you’ve ‘been good so can binge later’ after drinking a smoothie...Could be to blame!
And I just want to leave you with a few points here: 

* Regardless of what they tell you about one meal being more important than the other, your overall food intake over the day / week is the singe, most important factor you need to consider when toning up and shrinking your waistline for good

* Eating ‘superfoods’ like veggies, fruits etc. will help fill your plate, provide you with nutrients and keep you full…helping you create a SUPER diet (more on this another day)

 * Having a bit of processed food won’t kill you (think 80/20 rule) and is exactly what I teach you in my simple, step-by-step Nutrition System so you no longer have to stress and what and when to eat.

* Juicing without protein or fibre could leave you feeling hungry later 
* Just because they tell you that kale has more nutrition than lettuce, it doesn’t mean that you should have kale morning, afternoon and night…change it up…it will probably help you stick to your diet in the long-term which is the most important thing when it comes to lose weight and KEEPING IT OFF so you can ditch the baggy clothes for good.

My point?

I know they tell you that you 'must have breakfast', 'must eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes' I could go on'...but as they say:

'Perfection is the killer of production"

And it's exactly why my super simple Tone Up system helps you take back control of this 'all-or-nothing', 'good' food / 'bad' food relationship with food that they preach to you so you can ditch the 'comfort eating' and yoyo dieting they promote in those slimming clubs. 

And if you’re ready to create the ‘super’ diet built  for YOUR lifestyle so you can stick to it, actually keep the weight  and fit back into your favourite clothes…

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*​A 7-day all-access pass to our private inner circle and members system where you'll receive the support and accountability that allows you to keep the weight off for good (and has your friends and family asking you how you did it)

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* ​​​​A sustainable diet strategy so you can tone up without eating like a pigeon or buying crazy, expensive supplements

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