I can’t hold this one in…

​So I heard the other day that we now spend more time on the loo (3 hours and 9 minutes every week) on the loo than exercising.

And it doesn't surprise me. We live such busy lifestyles that sitting on the loo has become 'me' time. For all you know, I could be writing this on the loo. And it may be that you're reading this sitting on the loo.

I mean, I was chatting to a member on my Tone Up Programme just last week and she mentioned how happy she was to be sat there in the waiting area at the dentist. Because it was time where she could give herself permission to actually slow down and have 5 minutes to herself away from work, emails, screaming kids, washing, playing 'taxi' and looking after everyone else...

And it makes you feel overwhelmed, right? When you have so much to do, the last thing you want to do is leave your home and spend hours in a sweaty intimidating gym where you're worried about what others think of you. In fact, you don't even have time to do this. As who's going to do the washing, shopping, cleaning and cooking if you don't?

It's why I get so many busy ladies coming to me thinking that they can't tone up and fit back into their favourite clothes.

And I can't stand it when you're being told that you have to do at least 30 minutes of soul-destroying exercise at once in a sweaty, intimidating gym or ditch the carbs to slim down.

Because they're simply not meeting you where you're at. 

And that's where we do things a bit differently in my Tone Up System. 

Because what if TODAY...you just did 3 minutes of exercise (before anyone was up in your house)?

How would you feel?

Imagine if you did this every day? You might think it's nothing but it's the same as going to the gym and doing a 21 minute workout once a week, right?

And this where the magic happens...

Everyday tasks like shopping and climbing stairs becomes easier. You start to see your waistline shrinking.

You start to feel more confident in your favourite clothes...and - all of a sudden - your friends and family are asking you how you did it...

Or cue my favourite:

'don't lose too much weight, will you?'

Want to know exactly how to set all this up and build a diet to last so you can tone up for good?

Check out my 90 Day Tone Up System

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