3 Easy Ways To Ditch The Tummy Bloating

I'd be doing a fake cough to try and cover my embarrassingly loud growling stomach after lunch. This ONE time. I didn't have time to go straight to the loo after eating.

^^^ Something I thought was normal until I got to the 'bottom' of my food allergy

Mainly because I had a meeting with my research supervisor whilst I was at university. And all I wanted to do was...FART

As you know, a  fart – be it in a lift or in the comfort of your own home – not only makes you laugh and / or frown in disgust 

But also tells us a lot about the health of your gut and – perhaps – your diet.  

And – in my opinion – research into the gut is going to lead to some pretty ground-breaking stuff 

Your hormones, weight loss, allergies, intolerances, bloating, sleep, stress, immune system, hunger, skin, hair, and how you handle calories, sugar, protein, and fat…seem to all be impacted by the health of your gut. 

It surprises me that no ones really talking about this in the mainstream and that it's still seen as a bit of a 'new' / 'crazy' thing.

So maybe it’s time you take note of this, too?

Just like I did a fair few years back. 

Going from:

* Having sudden urges to use the bathroom after eating (not convenient for your social life). 

* Wondering why I had such bad skin – spots and flaky skin (despite using Liz Earle and throwing down all of the antibiotics given to me…)

* Feeling bloated even though I thought I was eating ‘healthily’ (even the ‘superfood’ oats, brown rice, and brown bread made me bloated)

* Relying on coffee to get me through the day (I was literally so tired by 3pm, with a lack of absorption – not intake – of nutrients, including Vitamin B which gives you energy, to blame)


* No longer feeling bloated after eating (which means I no longer have a stomach that makes weird noises whilst talking to you)

* Clearer skin and no reliance on creams or antibiotics for my skin (unless Mrs Fruci has some fancy cream laying around. I’ll sometimes give it a try and see if it makes me look ’10 years younger’)

* Normal bowels (which means I have more time in my day…)

* More energy (I now only have one caffeinated coffee a day. And not because I ‘need it’. The rest of the time I have decaffeinated. I sleep better, too!)

All this just from investigating how different types of foods impact me.

But what if you just get bloating after every meal and you don't know why? You don't have an allergy but feel gassy and tired?

^^^ This is something many members on my Tone Up Programmes come to be saying when trying to lose weight.

Well, try these 3 easy ways that can help you ditch the bloating:

1) Chew More - simple, I know. But what if I told you that the action of chewing helps your body release enzymes that breakdown your food and help you digest and ABOSRB your food so you can level up your energy 

2) Slow down - try putting your knife and fork down between mouthfuls today. Just notice how quickly you're looking to shovel that food down. Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your body to actually signal that you're full up? 

3) Turn all electricals off whilst you eat and enjoy, savour every mouthful. Notice the texture and taste. Where the food came from. Be grateful. This can allow your body to tell you when you're full up, prevent overeating and reduce high levels of stress which can shut down your digestion.

BONUS: One member on my Tone Up programme found that the old restrict bad / syn foods at the slimming club was making her binge and OVEREAT. And we found that it was the simple case of overloading her digestive system by overeating and feeling out of control that would cause bloating. What happened? She built a nutritional strategy that allowed her to include her favourite foods as part of her diet so she didn't feel the urge to binge. 

That's all I got for today. 


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