The truth about THE healthy diet…

Despite playing mum, working full time, and looking after a 27-year old (me)…Mrs Fruci still manages to be infatuated with Game of Thrones. Something I just can’t get into.

I mean, just one Google search and I get millions of conspiracy theories and beliefs about why Tyrion looked so “suspicious”…leaving me – even more – overwhelmed and confused. And it gets more complicated for my simple mind when I see Ed Sheeran sitting next to a fire. He’s a pop star!!

And it’s the same in this Game of Toning up and losing weight…

Just a simple Google search of “healthy diet” will give you about 190 million search results…with Google also telling you to search for “what is a healthy diet plan” and “healthy diet to lose weight” to give you even more information to “digest”.

And what happens?

You end up with a ton of different beliefs about what the best foods and diets are.

And not only is this overwhelming, it’s also pretty dangerous. Because some of our beliefs can be so strong that it makes you ignore the facts and the science in favour of detox fads, superfoods, and magic fat burning pills.

It’s why I make things super simple for you in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme by taking you through the essential habits which will help you tone up and ditch the baggy clothes without “believing” that you have to give up your prosecco, stop eating carbs after 6pm and spend hours in a sweaty gym…

No conspiracy theories about “bad” foods…just the flexibility, support and accountability to build your nutritional strategy to give you your body back for good.

If you’re ready to ditch the fad diets for good, apply here:

It’s not easy. You do have to report back to me so that I can adapt your nutrition to guarantee that you breakthrough slow fat loss. And might also get sick of me rambling on in our seminars

But I can tell you this for sure, it’s a lot more simple than Game of Thrones…

Especially with my new app (for Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation members) giving you access to your nutrition and exercise schedules, accountability plans, and workout videos for the body and mind so you’re never alone on your fat loss journey.

Here’s the link if you think this is for you:

Applications close tomorrow. ​​

Matt “simple mind” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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