‘No gimmicks thank you’

I’m going to let a body transformation member do the talking today:

So like most people l go through phases of wanting to go on diet, loss weight, get fit etc. 
I also know that normal healthy eating, in moderation, is the key to it. 
But like everyone l get carried away and get influenced by the media of what’s good food, bad food, should do or should give up. 
So l came to Matt’s fitness training to see what he had to offer. 
No gimmicks thank you. I was sceptical, and concerned l was wasting my money, wondering which of my favourite foods l would have to give up. 
Could I do the weights fitness he would ask of me…well l am closer to 60! 
Well, working with Matt has been just what I needed. Common sense approach to nutrition, no more diets, clothes fit better, weight loss without hunger. 
Oh yes, and still having my favourite cookie. Most of all he met me where l was at in my fitness, life style, and psychy. 
No more putting limitations on myself and blaming age, or negative thoughts. 
Small changes with encouragement, and continuing to eat the food l choose. Really enjoying the fitness training with Matt, and the results. 
And what about the results. What can l say…. I am less hippy, belt in two notches, gradual decrease in weight. My normal eating, not relying on recipies that l won’t really use again. Still eating my favourite foods without guilt, just moderating my intake. 
Enjoying my fitness training with him and l love the way he helps turn negative thinking around. 
Matt’s common sense approach and encouragement is just what l needed to re-educate myself. 
If you are ready to invest in yourself to lead a fitter healthier lifestyle, without any gimmicks or fad diets, then consider having a chat with Matt. You won’t be disappointed

Apply here for your free trial if you’re ready to get less “hippy”:



Applications close on Sunday for this opportunity and I’m taking on 3 more ladies.

What are you waiting for?


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