The truth about your ‘coffee and cake’

So I was in the queue in Costa the other day

And found myself glaring

at the Belgian Chocolate brownies

And the luscious Belgian Chocolate Caramel Shortbreads

Imagining the crumbly shortbread making sweet love to the rich, dark chocolate in my mouth…tingling my taste buds…

And you’re no different.

In fact, nearly every time I’m in the queue

I see – and hear – others looking – and salivating – at all the cakes.

Debating whether to grab one

Whether you can ‘justify’ it


whether you should choose a ‘healthy’ alternative…

Like the ‘Fruity Flapjack’

The ‘gluten free’ Belgian Chocolate Brownie’ 

The 9-Bar Super Seeds ‘Breakfast Boost’

Or what about the Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell’s?

But, are these actually any ‘healthier’?

You see, it’s no secret that ‘fruity’, ‘natural’ gluten-free bars are the in-thing at the moment

They make you ‘feel’ healthy, right?

Believe that you’ve been good?

Whereas that Belgian Chocolate Brownie is ‘bad’ for you…

But what if I told you that the ‘fruity flapjack’ had MORE calories in than the Belgian Chocolate Brownie?

What if I told you that the Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Brownie had 70 MORE calories in per portion?

And what if I told you that your Cherry Bakewells has nearly 100 calories LESS than your

‘Nutritious goodness 9 bar – breakfast boost?

Does this shock you?

Wil this make you think twice about your food choices?

Do you feel like your good intentions of ‘eating well’ have been stolen?

What I’m leading up to is this:

You might think you’ve been ‘good’ by swapping a cherry bakewell for a ‘nutritious goodness bar’

But – in fact – just this swap

Could lead to 10 lbs of weight gain in a year

^^^ Is it really your ‘slow metabolism’?

Showing you that even the smallest of swaps could have a HUGE impact on your weight loss…

And being aware of these small swaps can be pretty damn liberating for you

Knowing that you don’t have to deprive yourself of your favourite foods

That there are no MAGIC SUPERDUPER breakfast foods…

And that you CAN enjoy your Cherry Bakewell (or Belgian Chocolate Brownie) and still fit back into you favourite, more fashionable clothes.

Just as the members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme are finding


Well, just like you

Many of the ladies on my programme would previously BELIEVED

that a cherry bakewell or Belgian chocolate brownie was ‘bad’

Which would lead to that ‘good-bad’, ‘all or nothing’ mindset

And the ‘sod it, pass me the biscuit tin’ / diet starts Monday reaction

But imagine if you could learn exactly how to incorporate the foods you enjoy into your bespoke nutritional strategy?

Abolish the ‘all or nothing’ yoyo dieting mindset that leaves you piling the weight back on?

Well, you can find out how with my nutrition system here

Helping Busy Ladies Enjoy Clothes Shopping Again Without Having To Give Up Cherry Bakewells Or Belgian ChocolateBrownies

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