I didn’t even read 1 page

I confess.

You see, I bought a few books to read whilst me, the wife, and our daughter were away at a wedding for a few days.

I had every intention of relaxing, putting my feet up and having some ‘me’ time…

But- wow – I was wrong.

I didn’t even read 1 page…

Going away with baby is well and truly..


3 suit cases…of which I had a suit, a t shirt, swim shorts and a toothbrush…

The rest was pretty much Mrs Fruci’s and baby’s…

Lugging around a push chair

Poo squirting out of the sides of nappies…resulting in emergency baby changes just about anywhere and everywhere…

I’ll admit…

It was a bit of shock at first.

But once I ADAPTED

Tweaked my expectations

And started to take advantage of the priority queue jump and parking you get with a baby…

^^^ Win, win!

I absolutely loved it (it was literally my favourite trip away…ever…with the most special people in the world).

And ADAPTING the plan is exactly what enables you – and me – to lose fat, tone up and fit into our favourite, more fashionable clothes

You see, most diets will help you lose weight for a bit

But then they stop walking

Your body ADAPTS

And if you don’t assess things and adapt it

Your results will SLOW

And cue the most common thing I’m told by ladies who come to me that say they’ve tried everything…

Lose motivation >>> Give up >>> pile the weight back on

And this is exactly why I get you assessing and reporting back to me in my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

I empower you to become accountable

Build a nutritional strategy and exercise programme that fits your lifestyle and – dare I say it – enjoy!

Because the best diet in the world is the one you do!

And if you assess what you do and report back to me in your weekly accountability check ins…

I can 100% guarantee that you’ll get the results you want

Because what you assess can be managed

And – funnily enough – just when you’re thinking about giving up because ‘it’s stopped working’

All as it takes is a slight tweak to get the flab rolling off again.

So you can lose weight, tone up and ditch the baggy clothes for good!

I’ve got 7 spaces left on my FREE trial on my 90-Day Body Transformation Programme

Click the link to learn more:


Applications close on Sunday 25th June at 1930

UK Registered Nutritionist & Body Transformation Coach

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