5 ways that stop you going up for seconds…

And these are rare breeds (food / drinks that can make us "feel" more full).

It was just last week that I noticed something interesting:

I love peanut butter...even when I'm not hungry!

I just crave the taste.

And the funny thing?

When I get the taste, I become "more" hungry.

I want more.

Now this might be Ben & Jerry's, mars bars, or plain old digestive biscuits (no offence) for yourself.

^^^ And these are TRIGGER foods!

They make us eat more...

So I'm going to share with you 5 foods / drinks / strategies that can CURB your hunger and stop you going up for seconds:

1) Coffee - Your cuppa joe contains cholorgenic acids (antioxidants also founds in apples, artichokes and blueberries) which MAY decrease your hunger. You may want to go for decaf though, as a recent study (2012) showed that decaf coffee reduced hunger levels more than caffeinated coffee and water alone (at least in the short term!)

2) Vinegar - apple cider, white wine, red wine, balsamic, or malt vinegar...MAY have a hunger reducing effect. This is due vinegar being a source of acetate which can make you feel more full and satisfied.

Try topping your salads with vinegar and adding red wine vinegar to your stews!

3) Dark chocolate - usually 70% and up and a few squares. After your meal, just let them kind of melt in your mouth. Enjoy the taste. This may just curb your sweet tooth for relatively low calories!

4) Brushing your teeth / chewing sugar - free gum / mint after your meal - Put simply, peanut butter, Ben & Jerry's, and that bag of milk chocolate buttons seems (slightly) less appealing with that minty taste in your mouth!

5) Sparkling water or sugar free tonic water with a slice of lemon (optional gin... I joke...kind of) - Refreshing after a meal. The bitterness and fizzy nature of the drinks can help fill you up!

Give them try and let me know if you have any tips for taking control of your hunger!

Because being in control of your hunger is probably the most important part of a nutritional strategy set out to drop a few dress sizes, lose weight and get summer lean!


Because if you're not hungry, you're not telling everyone else how "hard" your diet is and how everyone should feel sorry for you..

Just like I did when I was on a low carb diet (my friends and family have since forgiven me...).

Speak soon,


PS. It's my birthday today, can you guess how old I am?

PPS. Hopefully I get some organic decaf coffee to curb my hunger...​

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