Tricking yourself slim & Dr Funny Bones

"Nothing fixes sadness like a chuckle and a chortle"

^^ The words of Dr Funny Bones from CBeebies.

And they're right. In fact, researchers recently found that those who find exercise 'fun' (and by fun...I kind of mean just about bearable lol) are more likely to lose weight.


Well, if you have to DRAG yourself to exercise every time. Its a real chore. And you hate every minute of it. 

They showed that you're likely to compensate and REWARD yourself with food.

(124% more M & Ms and 35% more chocolate pudding was eaten by those who simply viewed exercise as just a way to lose weight rather than fun)

But I guess its no surprise, really.

I mean, how do you feel when you have fun?

Pretty good, right?

And if 95% of your actions are based on how you FEEL, then having fun is probably going to help you make better-informed decisions about your food choices ...

It's why I try my best to make sure our ladies only workouts are fun (whilst being effective so you actually tone up and get results), be it by playing Fitness Monopoly, Connect 4 or squatting to the sound of the Beach Boys (I don't always dress up...honest).

But in all honesty, my main goal is just to help you make ONE more better decision today than you did yesterday about your fitness, health, nutrition and mindset. 

If I can do that?

I'm happy. 

Because I know through experience that once you get going and start to experience the fat loss ripple'll become a habit and you'll be back in your favourite clothes and feeing fit again in no time!

And if I can do this by making you laugh?


But I will say it like it is (as honest gets you results). Most of the ladies I work with love this. But some people don't. Truth is, if I p!$$ you off but you still get results...

That's a good thing, right? 🙂

Anyway, join me LIVE on Tuesday 27th March at 8pm for my FREE Online Training Event, titled:

'How I've Helped Over 150 Busy Wiltshire Ladies Get Back Into Their Favourite Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

Where I'll be revealing everything I do to help other ladies tone up and build a sustainable eating and exercise plan (which works no matter what you've tried in the past).

Click the link below to find out more:


Matt 'Dr Funny Bones' Fruci
Fruci Fit
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