Baby Fruci No.2 and the DNA diet…

Me and Mrs Fruci recently had the brilliant news that we are expecting a 2nd bambino. And one of the first questions people ask is:

"Are you going to find out?"

YES!  Last time we were certain that we weren't...until we were sat there in the 20 week scan lol The lady asked if we'd like to know. We looked at each other. Kind of smiled. And it was big yes. 

But me & Mrs Fruci went one step further this time. Have you ever heard of the 'nub theory' and the 'skull theory'? They're supposed to be able to tell your baby's gender. 

The results?

The nub theory said girl....and the skull theory said boy..

The significance of this after an intense 2 hours of comparing scan photos?

It could be: a boy OR a girl... [insert dramatic music here]

Yep, what a waste of time.

And It reminded me of those DNA diet tests that they're telling us we should do right now. The funny thing is that it makes them sound really sciencey. 

YET, the actual science right now says that choosing foods based on the current DNA tests they tell us to do for a £100  odd quid comes to conclusions that are about as weak as saying:

"people carry umbrellas went it rains. Umbrellas cause rain..."

Now, in my opinion, the future is DNA testing. 

But right now? Even an $8 million study didn't find any link between genes and diets.

Plus, what do you actually do with this information they give you?

Let's say it  says to eat more veggies, fruits, exercise more and a bit more protein.

Well, I'm guessing you knew that already, right?

It's why I prefer to focus on the stuff that really gets you transformational results and back into your old jeans (rather than your genes...)
I'm just going to get straight to the point and reveal everything you need to know in my FREE  LIVE online training event, titled:

'How I've Helped Over 150 Busy Wiltshire Ladies Get Back Into Their Favourite Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

On Tuesday 27th March at 8pm.

I'd love for you to come along.

To find out more, and reserve one of the limited spaces?

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Matt 'runs in the jeans' Fruci

PS. If you don't know what a webinar / live online training event is? Don't worry. It's nothing scary. 

Basically, I'll be doing an online LIVE presentation (from my home office...potentially with baby number 1 if she isn't sleeping) and all you have to do is show up and watch. 

I'll be the only person on camera. And I'll be the only person talking. 

You will be able to ask me questions during the presentation via the 'live chat' feature.

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