Tone up lessons from my trip to Waitrose

Mrs Fruci had reminded me 48 hours in advance that we were running low on toilet roll. 

It was my ONE job (you know the ONE job you set your other half whilst you do the rest?)

'Log' story short <<< that was a joke...I meant 'long, story short'. Supplies got very low.

Luckily, not quite 'panic button' low...but still low enough for me to have to rush out on a day where I was already really busy to pick up some toilet roll.

By the time I'd debated whether to go for the Waitrose Essential, the Supreme Quilts Andrex or the Champagne Ultra soft

Decided on whether to buy in bulk..

And - of course - checked to see if there were any bargains in the fresh section and queued up...

It'd taken me an hour.

An hour that I could have done with that day. 

The result?

Less time for me. Less to time thin about meals. More decision fatigue. and LESS WILLPOWER

And what I'm leading up to is this:

You make 200-300 decisions every day about food. What to eat, when, with who, how much, is this healthy, should I use a spoon, fork, size of bowl...

do you choose the orange juice from concentrate or pure?

Rapeseed oil of vegetable oil?

Is olive oil OK for cooking?

Throw on top of this: Life, emails, domestic admin, and your other half who didn't do their ONE job for the day?

And your willpower tank is literally EMPTY...

It's why I recommend that you start by using my 'buy your toilet roll in bulk' tone up strategies, such as:

* Put breakfast (if you eat it ) and lunch pretty much on autopilot (things like leftovers from night before, cooked chicken from night before, a soup, Itsu noodle pots, smoked salmon, Greek yoghurt, fruit etc)...

So you can stop blaming willpower for failing on another diet. 

And it's what my Healthy Meal Maker is based on in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System

It's giving you routine and flexibility (it's a fine balance) 

Now, I'm still fine tuning this and developing it all of the time

and - in truth - it has to be personalised to you based on your goals, food preferences, lifestyle, hunger levels, allergies, I could go on.

But that's where the 'personal' part of my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition system comes in.

If you want to try it for free?

Go here:



PS. If you're wondering, I went for the Champagne Ultra soft

PPS. here's the link to start your free week using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System

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