I’m not against Slimming Clubs…but

"I know you say counting points doesn't work and that you're against it but my friend lost weight doing it"

^^^ this was a message I got the other day

And I just wanted to make it clear that it's not that I'm 'against' anything.

In fact, if it works and it helps you lose fat and keep it off?

Keep doing it. And don't even think about changing things. 

After all, I've never actually been on Weight Watchers or Slimming World myself.

I've only seen the booklets, points stuff etc. and heard the stories that the ladies using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System have told me.

and based on that, I guess I just have a few different ways of going about things.

For example:

1) I believe in toning up your body by focusing on what you can do rather than what you can't...

2) I don't agree with calling peanut butter, bananas, and avocados a 'syn'...

3) I don't agree with weighing yourself every week in the evening and dictating your happiness and the success of your whole week by the number between your feet

^^^ i get FAT loss is important...but health and fitness is more than that. And I think it's this where I really differ. 

Because when ladies come to me having done the slimming clubs, it seems to be a lot about the weight and the diet. 

But what if you slowed down and just considered how you feel and what you do when you believe that the number on the scales defines whether you've been 'good' or 'bad'?

How do you respond the next week when the scale goes up?

How are you around food? Loved ones? Work colleagues?

4) I don't agree with completely narrowing down foods to numbers - I mean, do you even know when you're full up anymore if you do this? What happens if you eat out? Is there a strategy for this that makes you feel at ease and on track?

5) I believe you should give yourself unconditional permission to eat any food you like - this is a 'diet' game changer in my opinion.

Don't think of a pink elephant...

Now what are you thinking about?

A Pink elephant. 

6) I don't agree with rigid plans for everyone. I prefer to use templates that are then adapted to you, your preferences, work, home and lifestyle. 

7) I don't agree with having to put your hand up and explain why you ate a Mars bar in front of a group...(that's what a member using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System actually told me)

8) I don't agree with calling foods 'syns' (as someone who once had an eating disorder, I just don't think it's set us up well to develop a healthy relationship with food which doesn't make you want to binge eat...)

I could go on.

So, I guess you could we're different.

But that doesn't mean I'm 'against them'.

As I said, if it works for you, keep doing it.

If you want a to try something a bit more personal and different to what you've tried before? 

Well, I'm on a mission to help as many ladies stick to their New Years Resolutions and ditch the diets for good this January

Which is why I'm giving away 4 free trials on my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System.

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