Message from Karen

Got this message from Shift member, Karen, last week:

'So today, first time in my life, I found exercise easy. 

This isn't a a bad thing, in fact I never thought I'd say those words. 

Obviously I will up my game, and keep on challenging myself, but thank you so much for all you've done for me. 

I can wear nice clothes, I'm not tired, I'm not so grumpy, I feel healthier , and want to push myself further.'

And it got me thinking about what both me and you are truly capable of once we start and achieve our first goal.

You see, I often get asked:

"Do you do maintenance programmes, Matt?"

And my answer is YES. I do. 

But I don't think anyone has ever asked for it after working with me.

Not because they don't want to maintain their results, be it health, fitness, or weight loss

But because they want to - as Karen said - challenge themselves further, be it with me or not.

And this is what I call the 'ripple effect'.

Start small, think big. 

And the support and accountability from me and other like-minded ladies...

You'll find a way that works for YOU.

And if getting healthier, not feeling tired, and being able to 'wear nice clothes', as Karen put it, appeals to you.

Then you might be interested n the fact I'm giving away another 4 Personal Training Trial packages with full access to my Shift Nutrition System. 

To apply, click the link below:


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