He told me to F off

So, I’m only my back from delivering one of the diabetes education sessions I do for Public Health last week

I’m sat in my car at a set of traffic lights in sunny, sunny Swindon

And I can’t help but notice something getting closer to me out the corner of my eye (no, not more bird poo landing on me as it did earlier that day :-))

I take a quick glance to my right

Only to see a white van (nothing against white van drivers…but we know they’re ones to watch ;-))

Reversing straight towards me as he tries to turn in the road

I think to myself…

‘Surely he will stop soon. I’ll give it another second’

But no…

He get’s centimeters away from me

So I ferociously beep my horn 5 times to grab his attention as his rear end (of his car…not him)

Is about to smash straight into me

He breaks suddenly.

And couldn’t be any closer to me without hitting me

Drives forward a bit

Pokes his head out of the window

Shouts a ton off F words at me

Waves his arm

Turns around, drives off and gives me a middle finger as he passes

Fortunately, I had my window up and air con on so I couldnt hear a word

But it sounded Gordon Ramsay esc

And I couldnt help but think that if I wouldn’t have beeped

He would have smacked straight into me

* It would have been 100% his fault (there goes his zero claims) 

* It would have taken more TIME out of his busy day

* He would have probably been even more stressed 

* And shouted even more F words at me


He was literally so caught up in everything

That he never ’slowed down’ enough to assess the situation

Look at the positives, perhaps?

He couldnt see what I had done for him

Wasnt willing to slow down, acknowledge the situation and harvest the good


He nursed and CURSED

And wasted a ton of energy (that could have been invested in his work, family and the stuff that matters to him)

Which brings me to why I invest in coaches myself

So I can stop wasting time and energy on the minutia

Look at the bigger picture (from the edge…rather from the inside as you can’t see a damn thing from there)

And treat every day like I’m in a classroom

Because one of the worst things (in my opinion)

A human being can do

Is to think what they know is enough 

I don’t care who you are

How many degrees you have (after all, I have 3)

You can always benefit from a little outside help

As I do with my coaches

And just as the members do in my Fat Loss Mastery body transformation programme

Which if you want to learn more about

Hit REPLY with YES

And I’ll send you the details (as we’ll be opening up another trial soon)

Matt ‘beep beep’ Fruci

UK Registered Nutritionist and Body Transformation Coach

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